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01 Jan 2013
PostedJan 01, 2013 5:48 am

third-party software and ban

Dear A.V.A community!
I would like to introduce You my strange situation.
I have feeling, that Aeria is very unfair against us (against me in this situation).
I had really nice account (Skalaa94). I've never played with cheats or something similar but unfortunately i have got banned!!!
I have try to clear this situation with Aeria Admin Team but without any success.
They told me that i was using cheating software but they are not able to tell me what it is. I think that could be software (music player) called "Winamp" (everybody knows, almost everybody use it). I have found thread on our forum about XIN3. There is no word about Winamp. I'm realy dissapointed with Aeria behavior in my case. I think, they should tell me what exactly caused this BAN.
Maybe somebody could help me to explain what the... is going on.
Please remember - im for 100% sure that i have never used any cheats.
Below you can find our communication.

The first message:

"I would like to appeal against a ban I was given. I have never cheated in
any of the online games I have played. I can prove that I have never
cheated because my friend has recorded how our team was playing including
me so that you can check I played fair. If this is not enough I can present
a screen from my game while I am playing or you can watch me play online so
that I can prove I don't cheat.
I hope you unban me.

Reply AVA:

"Dear skalaa94,

We do have records which suggest otherwise. Your account has been detected
using third-party software which specifically alters the game in an
and illegal way, and has received a permanent ban.

If you honestly believe this was an error, we encourage you to check your
for such software. If you are not the only person who uses your PC (e.g. if
are on a shared machine at home or at work, or you are playing from an
cafe) then another user may have installed these programs without your
knowledge. Regrettably, this will mark every account which uses a computer
"hack" software installed on it.

Your account security is your responsibility, and we urge you to take
precautions when playing from a computer you are not completely familiar
We hope this clarifies the situation.

Team Action"

The second message:

"Dear Aeria Admin Team.
I'm using only my personal computer but i'm sharing it between my
Additionally, i'm using application called "winamp" which is
recognized by
the game security as "hacking soft". This is a fully legal and
free (for
personal use) application. If you are able to tell me what kind of
"hacking" software was detected on my machine i will be grateful.
knowledge is very important to me cause i have some personal data which
shouldn't be stolen or deleted from my computer. If some
"hacking" (it
means - dangerous) software was installed on my computer - i have to know
about it.
From the other site, if you are not able to tell me what was that software,
unfortunately i have to accept the fact that you are lying because im sure
that i'm not cheating!

Best wishes for new 2013 year,
Yours Skalaa94"

Reply AVA:

"Dear skalaa94,

Your account has been detected using third-party software to modify the
game, and has been permanently banned as a result.

We take hacking and exploiting very seriously and will not tolerate it
in any form. Your actions amount to unlicensed modification of our
software, which is prohibited by both our Terms of Service and our End
User License Agreement.

For this reason, this ban cannot be appealed and will not be lifted at
any time.

Team Action"


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30 Oct 2012
Terneuzen Netherlands
PostedJan 01, 2013 6:32 am
automated massage's rofl

try to ask a 2nd review, and otherwise if they really really dont get your bann off it, then you have hacked Smile


spam them, then they look closely to your acount, if you just send 1 appail they wont listen,
just keep responding, it helps ^^


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20 Apr 2010
PostedJan 01, 2013 3:43 pm
Yes, do what LeViper said.

Ask for a 2nd review, and if you find a GM on the A.V.A. ShoutBox make sure you ask the GM to review your Ticket by giving the Ticket number.

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