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Accessory Compilation Table

A Spreadsheet of accessories - including stats, notes, and rough 'where to find'
Sooo, I saw a table for lapis done by n3cr0m33p5, and thought it might be handy to have something similar for accessories (Lapis Compilation found here)

Still slightly incomplete for the Ep6 accessories, and this doesn’t include those random accessories from the ‘Conundrum’ or ‘Glitched’ MBoxes from the item mall. I may have missed a few quest accessories out after lvl 40ish too (especially Fury side).

It’s taken me... a while to put this together, so I may sleep for a bit before trying to get the last few bits filled in (yellow boxes indicate where info is missing). If anyone wants to help fill in said missing info, you are more than welcome ^^ Just thought I’d post this up now, otherwise it may never see the light of day. Also, class icons are pre Ep6 as I still haven’t managed to get my head around the new class icons x.x

Accessory Table - (takes you to Google Documents where table can be viewed and a copy can be downloaded)


Thanks go to n3cr0m33p5 for the table outline (for without whom the table would not look as pretty). If I’ve missed anyone else who deserves a mention, please let me know.

Edit: Changed the google document so people can actually view it Embarassed Anyone tell I'm new to google docs Laughing? Though to be fair, when I first opened google docs the whole lot was in Swedish, and I barely speak my own first language english Razz


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PostedDec 29, 2012 7:10 am
nice work. a true respect and addition to necro's work.

good job and already bookmarked for future users Smile

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