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[Event]Eden Eternal's Next Topmodel Week 8 (Photo)

The Models mentioned in the Fairy Tales
Week 8 - The Models mentioned in the Fairy Tales

Hello models!

The time has come, we reached our last week! 2 months of producing stunning pictures and going through tough challenges has made you real models. You've shown to us that you are creative and that you can shine in any situation. And who knows, maybe you will be part of the big legends told about models...

Who will be Eden Eternal's Next Topmodel?

Give us Feedback on the Event!


"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."

We grew up with them and admired the brave princesses and heroes that overcame difficult times to eventually live in happiness. In a way, all of you did the same so invite us to see your own little story. Our eighth photo theme is: Fairy Tales


The world of Eden Eternal is full of little wonders. You have seen a lot of them and used them to get a good photo. Why don't you share some of them? Your Challenge:

Tell us an Eden Eternal Fairy Tale!


  • For the Photo you can either use an exisiting Fairy Tale or even take a picture that represents the story you yourself wrote
  • For the Challenge the maximum length of the Fairy Tale is 1500 words. Your program should be able to count the words for you.

For further information on the single categories, please make sure to check here:

Eden Eternal's Next Topmodel

This thread is for everyone entering normal Screenshots (without editing them with Photoshop or something comparable) and their Challenge entries.

All entries must be submitted by Sunday, 12/30/2012 11:59pm PST (8am GMT). Every entry edited or entered after this deadline will not count!

Click on the Headline to see our opening video!!!



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IGN: Selesnya
Server: Diamond
Title: Would you care for this dance?

Full Image here Very Happy

Thanks to xXxEmperorxXx for taking his time to lend me a hand Very Happy

Challenge: The Winter Ball

“The time for the Winter Ball draws closer.”

“I’ve always wanted to go to one. Considering that I can’t even play the part of a beautiful girl, the ones with the pretty dresses and the fanciest of hair, like the ones you would see on posters, why would I even bother?”

It’s funny, because when I said these words, I wasn’t expecting anything at all.

I was cleaning my residential home in my Guild Town, as usual before I go training, but I was just plain sad. I really wanted to go to the Winter Ball and meet the man I would like to couple with, but with no pretty Prime outfits, I would look ridiculous. I cleaned the chimney with a duster, when I heard a knock on the door. Curious I jog quickly to the door and opened it. There stood a young man with a small letter on his hand.

– Excuse me, – said the man, – is your name Selesnya?
– Umm, yes, – I replied, – Can I help you?
– Why, yes indeed.

He opens the note and begins to read.

– “You are cordially invited to the 168th annual Eden Winter Ball, hosted by the Grand Master of Eden, Pizza. The event starts approximately in 20:00 hours tomorrow, on Christmas Eve. The dress code is formal. It would be of great honor if you would attend.
Yours truly, Game Master Exia”

I just stood there, pondering on what I should say or do.

– Ahem, – said the man, – Will you attend?
– Oh! - I said to him, a little disoriented, – Yes, I will!
– Great! Then we will see you tomorrow!

He politely salutes, smiles, and marches off to the next lucky person that got an invite. That’s funny… Only the popular kids get invites to the Winter Ball. How is it that I got one this year? I couldn’t go anyway, so why bother.

I decided to go to Aven the next day since I had to buy some supplies. I was running low on potions, as usual. Clerics can’t really ease up on those MP potions unless there’s an Illusionist around, but since I’m a lone wolf, I had to do things the hard way. Reaching the potion stand next to the weapons dealer, I noticed that someone was staring at me.

It looked like a halfkin, but this little one was pretty. His emerald eyes glistened as the sun shined on him majestically, as if he was some sort of god or something. His creamy skin looked soft and silky, as if a caramel just attached itself to him. As I kept looking at intently, he smiled at me. I turned away in a heartbeat and blushed insanely. The dealer of the potion stand was just staring at me curiously.

– Hey, hey, – said the dealer, – he seems to be catching your fancy, eh?
– Ummm…– I just expressed, –…Who is he?
– That boy, he’d be named SilvanShowdon, yes he is. We also call him Silvan, for short. One of them top peoples, I think. He’d be looking for a couple. Usually on the Winter Ball, but boy, all he gets are those “wild girls” chasing him. He wants one of these classy ladies, but finding one is a pain in the fanny.
– That hard for him? But he’s good looking.
– Yep, he is. But again, he wants a nice lady, not one of them loonies. You know the nubs?
– Yeah, I get what you mean.
– Yes. That’s why he’s kind of forever alone at the moment.

When I turned back to see him, he was nowhere to be seen. I wonder where he went. But I got lost in my transition, so I snapped back to reality, bought the potions that I needed, and went on to my merry little way.

Two hours remained for the Winter Ball to begin. I was just staring at Sakura Island, since I could see it from my room, all glowing and full of festivities. I could hear the laughter from my seat. I was just reading a book, depressed. I heard very loud knocks on the door, as if someone wanted to knock down on my door. I slowly went to the door, with my sword in my hand, and instantly opened the door. But no one was there. Confused, I stepped outside, only to find a Zumi running around nearby my room. It started to wave its hands in his direction, as if inviting me to follow him. Curious as I was, I closed my door with a lock and proceeded to follow the Zumi.

It seems that it was leading me to a pumpkin patch. He ran directly to an individual that was standing next to the pumpkin that I was taking care of.

– Do ho ho! – Said the man, cheerfully and dancing with the Zumi, – You seem more beautiful as my servant has claimed!
I scratched my head, confused.
– Who? Me? No, not at all, – I told him, – and who might you be?
– Me? Why I’m the most whimsical of the Game Masters! You may refer to me as Pizza!
– Oh! Wait… Aren’t you supposed to be in the Winter Ball already?
– Why, yes indeed! But you see, I grant wishes to those Eternal Guardians that wish hard enough… And I heard your wish!
– Umm, I didn’t wish for—
– Yes you did my dear! Now don’t be shy and watch me work my stuff! Do ho ho!

As if out of nowhere, Pizza began to twirl and dance around the Zumi and touched his forehead. He was surrounded by an enshrouding mist. As the mist subsided, the Zumi, instead of having the beat-up tank top and the dirty, brushed up jeans, he now had a musketeer hat, an elegant tailcoat and some thigh high boots. I was amazed on how he can just transform living beings with just the tip of his fingers!

– Do ho ho! – Laughed Pizza, – I’m not done yet? You see this adorable pumpkin?
Pizza twirled and danced his heart out, surrounding my pumpkin now. With his magical fingers, he forms a circle on it.

– Now my dear! Watch this! Stand back! Do ho ho!

As I began walking backwards, the pumpkin began to glow. Suddenly, the pumpkin turns into a humongous form, with wheels on its four corners. A little mount on the front side of the pumpkin and two tiny pumpkin lanterns on the back side. The Zumi volunteered on sitting at the front, grabbing the rope that was attached to a Forest Sprite, as if guiding the sprite.

– TADA! – Pizza exclaimed in joy.

I just stood my ground, amazed on the magnificent pumpkin carriage that now stood in front of me.

– Do ho ho! But I’m missing the most important person of the night! The shining star that shall ride this gorgeous carriage!
– And who might that be? – I asked curiously.
– Why YOU, silly nilly!
– Me? Oh no, no, n---

Without letting me finish, he unleashes a mist, surrounding my entire flesh, embracing me with its cold, chilly might. I couldn’t fight it off; it was freezing and spinning so much that I could barely blink or think. As the mist began subside once again, I finally stopped spinning, only to realize that my hair was tied in an elegant ponytail. I had beautiful hoops earrings, and my dress was that of a Magical Princess, a lovely light grey with red velvet ribbons and laces on it. I loved my boots; they were light grey, about to reach my knees, and had red velvet laces on it, too. I wanted to cry so much, but I held my tears inside.

– Pizza! I don’t know to thank you! – I happily replied.
– No need my dear! – He exclaimed, – for I am the granter of wishes! Do ho ho! Now go out there and be the star of the show!

I hugged Pizza much like a child hugs her teddy bear; hard, with lots of joy and sweetness in my heart. I quickly mounted the pumpkin carriage and told the Zumi my destination.

– To Sakura Island! – I exclaimed, – To the Winter Ball!

The Zumi, whipping the rope, causes the Forest Sprite to advance forward, reaching the portal to Aven.

After much traveling, I reached Sakura Island. The island was filled with white clothed tables, many cream filled chairs, and many beautiful people. They all suddenly stared at the lone pumpkin that appeared from the entrance.

I gracefully exited the carriage, slowly but confidently. All eyes were on me, I realized. I smiled politely and began marching towards the crowd. As I was advancing, Silvan approached me as if from nowhere.

– Didn’t I see you somewhere before? – He asked.
– Hmm. Maybe you did, – I said, teasing him, – maybe you didn’t.
Waltz style music began to play on the background.
– I like this song. May I have the honor of this dance with you?
I began to blush.
– Of course you may, good sir.

Let the Winter Ball begin!


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[Event]Eden Eternal's Next Topmodel Week 8 (Photo)

IGN : Lov3rS
Account name : rin49
Title : Now i have wing!
photo :

Challenge :

Once upon a time theres a forest fairy name Love, she live at rainbowfall forest. She is a fairy that don't have wings not like the other fairies, she often teased by her friends because she has no wings, but she don't care of what they said. Love heard the news that Angela the Marsh Witch that live at Tasos channel can grant all wishes. Then Love go to the Tasos Channel and searching for Angela the marsh witch to ask for a pair of wings but she only met with Juan the leader, Angela’s husband. “Hey what are you doing here?” said Juan.

“Hello, my name is Love and I want to meet Angela the marsh witch.” Said Love, “Hi, im Juan leader of tasos channel also Angela husband. You can’t meet Angela now, She is being kidnapped by Mandragora last night. When I back to our room I just found this. Her staff and grimore..she cant cast any spell without this…” said Juan bitterly.
“My goodness, how can Angela being kidnapped? Aren’t Mandragora is the Yggdrasil Tree seed creature? We should immediately help Angela!” said Love, “I also want to help my love Angela but I can’t because Mandragora is too powerfull and nobody know where is Mandragora hidden place.” said Juan.
“Well, I want to help you. Wait here I’ll be right back. Meet me at the Prismata lake and we will search Angela.” Said Love.

Love run back home as fast as she can and grab things that she think can be used for the rescue plan and go to Prismata, Love looking around to find Juan but she cant see him. Then Juan called her “Love, over here!” and Love went to Juan. “here’s the plan. We need to swim through the Prismata lake and we need to keep underwater until we arrived because Mandragora’s minions like Fragant Lily, Tempting Lily is everywhere. Then we save Angela and run back quick” Said Juan. “But I cant breath in water, what should I do?” ask Love.
“Here, eat this and you will be able to breathe under water. It’s magic seaweed made by Angela. It’s taste horrible but will help you to breathe underwater” Juan said it with a big happy smile on his face but also a sad look.
Love take the magic seaweed with a look of disgust , put it in her mouth and what Juan said it’s true, that seaweed taste HORRIBLE ! she feels like she want to throw up but she force to swallow it and says “*cough* let’s go now, and yuck! That is the most horrible seaweed that I ever eat Juan*cough*.” Juan laugh and says “I told you it taste horrible right? Okay lets go then” Juan jump into the water also Love.

“Where should we go now Love?” ask Juan. “We Better go to Galapagos the Witchdoctor and ask for his guide, I heard people are talking about him” answer Love. So they dive to meet Galapagos who live in the bottom of the lake. But they doesn’t have to swim too deep because Galapagos already know they will come. “Here take this and follow the light. When the light is out that means Angela is held there.” Said Galapagos. Love and Juan says “Thank you!” together and swim away to follow the light.
Love and Juan is getting tired they already swim for like 3 hours without break at all but she have to keep swimming because Angela is waiting for their help. And suddenly the light is move up and *pop* gone…

Love and Juan stop and swim back to the surface searching for any sign that can tell them where are they and where is Angela, they already at Lull Meadow. Then Love see a little light deep in the forest. “Juan, Juan..pst ! over there” they on to the ground. They move slowly to the light and see a very gigantic trunk that dead already and they see Angela is tied up by root to wall of trunk. Seems like Angela is faint. Mandragora is sleep beside her. “Angela!” shrieked Juan, “Shhh Juan!” said Love in whisper. Love see Mandragora move but she’s not awake. “Let’s go there and free Angela” said Love.

They walk very slowly, very very carefull to not make any sound because Mandragora is sensitive to voices. Juan reach Angela first and try to cut the root with his sword. But the roots is so thick, so hard to cut. With Love help Juan is succeed to cut all the roots off now they have to bring Angela to the save spot and give her medicines. When they move not too far, CRACK! Juan step on an broken branch and Mandragora is wake up. She looks for her hostage and see its gone she gone mad. She started to make a noise that I guess command and call all her minions to kill us. Love and Juan run as fast as they can because they know if they fight they will never win, Mandragora is too powerfull. All of the minions is chasing them and they got closer and closer every minute. When one of the Tempting Lily reach Love feet, she fell and shout “GO JUAN! DON’T STOP!” Juan is in doubt but he turn back and slash the tempting lily. “Thank you” said Love. Love get up and run again with Juan and Angela. Angela’s still unconscious and they reach Prismata Lake. Galapagos is there and he’s make fire to keep the creature away from Love and Juan also Angela. All of the Mandragora’s minions is shrieked and run back to their habit.

“Thank…you…Mr. Galapagos (breath heavily)” said Love. “Angela… Angela.. My love, please wake up” called Juan. Galapagos give a little bottle and says “Give this the pure water from the heart of Prismata lake to make her conscious” Juan pour the pure water to Angela’s mouth and wait.. Angela’s face tone is back to normal and she open her eyes slowly and say “Juan?”, Juan is so glad see Angela is came back already and alive “yes my love its me Juan”

“Come my dear friend, let me help you guys to come home. Hop on” Galapagos is spawn a big turtle from the lake and that turtle bring all of them back to Tasos Channel. “Thank you Galapagos, I really appreciate your help” said Love. “No problem at all my dear fairy. You are my favourite fairy from Rainbowfall forest *wink*” and Galapagos gone back to the lake. “I never talk to him I guess.. how come he said im his favourite fairy? Oh well..”, “Go to sleep gonna take care of Angela first” said Juan. “Okay thank you Juan..” and one of Juan maid company Love to a room. She drop her body to the bed and fall asleep as fast as she close her eyes.

And in the morning, the rescue mission is accomplished, Juan and Angela is back to their kingdom and Angela looks healthier than last night. Angela says “Thank you little girl, you saved my life. Where are you came from? What can I do for you? Ask me anything. I can give you anything you want.” , “ehm..first of all my name is Love, not little girl and im a forest fairy from Opera district.” , “Oh a fairy? Why you doesn’t have wings?” ask angela with a wondering face expression. Love looks sad and says “Because im not perfect…you said you can give me anything, can you give me a pair of wings?” Angela laughed so loud till her sound is echoing around the room. “of couse Love the forest fairy. I will give u wings.” Angela muttering a spell and swing her staff suddenly Love’s body is covered by silver dust and when the dust is gone, there’s a beautiful large white wings on Love back. “WHOAAAAA!! It’s a really really beautifull wings Angela, thank you! Thank you very very much!” Love fly to Angela and hug her. “Your very welcome little fairy” and she hug Love.

Then Love go home to the Opera and show her new wings to her friends. “Fairies, Look I got wings!” all of the other fairies is gathering around Love and says “Nice wing!”, “How come you have a wing?!”, “That is a really beautifull wing Love” Love chuckle and says “Long story guys..long story..” Large smile is on her face and she is sure that from now on, nobody will teased her again. Love fly so high cutting the wind and back to the forest “I can fly!!!” everybody cheers and they fly together to the heart of Opera forest leaving a silver dust from Love wing behind.

The End

(Im sorry if my grammar doesnt too good xD i hope you guys can understand what i meant and enjoy my own tales.)
its 1488 words btw.. i count it twice Smile


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IGN : Kekikeki
Server: Diamond

Entry: Magic of Fairy Tales - Just jump and try to fly, cause everyone can be Peter Pan.


I'm not very good with English, sorry. And I'm better with creating dramas. Well not every fairy tale is happy.
"Still waiting"

Over the hills and far away 
there was a small, peaceful Zumi Kingdom on the plain.
There lived the kind and respected King and his son,
heir to the throne.
But only hunting was in Prince’s head,
which worried the King, who has not much life left.
Prince loved spending time walking in the woods,
and was always accompanied by his faithful she-wolf.
So the King secretly plotted a plan in rage
to marry his son off to a Princess of the Halfkin Kingdom behind the golden gates.
And so, for the first time, lad met a beautiful maiden on clearing
and not knowing what to do with this new feeling,
he rushed to his father with the good tidings,
that he wants to get married: "Prepare the wedding!". 
King passed away happy and satisfied
that fulfilled his dream and combined two kingdoms into one.
However, the Princess was not a good girl.
When the Prince didn’t want to give up hunting for her,
jealous that he spends more time with she-wolf
she tied down his pet in woods and left abandoned.
She-wolf was howling nights and days
waiting for the Prince to rescue her.
But it was too late when the Prince found his lose.
In revenge he went to the Witch for the magic she used.
He ordered to turn the girl into a wolf,
hoping she will understand what she’s done wrong.
But the Princess’s pride was more important than that.
She could not live with lice and eat offal.
Humiliated, she bit herself to death
and the Prince killed himself in double despair.
Over the hills and far away
there is a place called Golden Plains.
Kind people live there and evil legions too.
There’s a lot of monsters and challenges awaiting you.
And there's one only thing here that reflects each of you,
it's howling she-wolf waiting for no one knows who.


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PostedDec 24, 2012 11:52 pm
IGN: Lucia
Server: Sapphire

Entry: Waiting for my prince...

Challenge: Coming soon.


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EE Next top model

Run Run As Fast As You can. You cant catch Me I'm The Gingerbread Man

Challenge: sorry no challange, trying to deal with my daughters brain surgery but i will leave you this.
Gizzmo11g was here
But now she's gone
She left here name
Its time to move on.
Please pray for our daughter and thanks it was alot of fun

P.S. that is my daughters character in the pic.


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Account name: anime1057
IGN: IsabellaBlood
Server: Sapphire

Entry & Title: The solider who fought her way to be a Heroine....instead of a Damsel

Challenge: Used 1,120 words for the story. (checked on Microsoft Word)

An Eden Fairytale~

Once upon a time in the world of Eden….where everyone would sell, relaxes, & fought to protect Eden from evil….lived a level capped frog warrior. He was the best in the Eden world of being a main fighter as warrior class…..everyone one admired him & wanted to be just like him. He was supposedly loved by all citizens…especially the women. He would be asked out on dates & given marriage proposals….but he would refuse them kindly & respectively for he wanted his one true love.

Then on one sunny day in Eden….The GMs went to look for citizens to help teach & train their new human & halfkin arrivals. The frog warrior was chosen along with citizens who were almost as amazing as the frog warrior. The GMs ported all who were chosen & themselves to Limestone then waited in the town near the starting point. After a few minutes….20 arrivals appeared at the starting point with bright wide eyes & excited faces. The GMs welcomed & greeted each new arrival then directed them to the chosen citizens. Each citizen did their introduction proper & with small details of Eden & how to survive health & economical –wise.

In the crowd of new arrivals….a female halfkin kept a special eye on the frog warrior as he stood proud & glowing in her eyes. She has falling in love for the frog warrior & vows to herself she will do anything….to win his heart & soul for her alone. The frog warrior doesn’t notice the halfkin staring at him, but he spots a female human…who shined like a brilliant star through the crowd in his eyes. He was thinking to himself, ‘She’s the one… I can feel…she’s the girl I’ve been waiting for all my Eden life. I hope she’ll love me at first sight, too.’ After all the welcoming, teaching, & small bits of training….the GMs port the chosen & themselves back to Aven, but not before the halfkin added the frog warrior on her friend list & the frog warrior added the dream girl on his friend list.

It has been 3 days since the frog warrior saw his dream girl & he was starting to day dream about her. His guild started to worry about him so they thought maybe doing some recruiting would possibly snap him out of it. The halfkin from the arrival day was the third recruit of the day & she was now level 55….when she looked through guild mate names….she noticed the frog warrior was in the guild & she became overjoyed. She greeted him in guild chat, but he did not response to her greetings. Then….by the last recruit invited to the guild….it was her….his dream girl who was now level 65….when he saw her name in guild chat, he welcomed & greeted her in a heartbeat. The halfkin noticed this & started to get a little spiteful that he responded to the other girl over her.

During the month, the frog warrior was slowly chatting & getting to know his dream girl…..making her like him more & more. While they were getting closer…..the halfkin was getting more & more spiteful at the girl….for ‘stealing’ her ‘the one.’ When the level cap rose again…. The halfkin wanted to couple with the frog warrior, but when she went to meet him in guild town…..he had coupled his dream girl right in front of the halfkin….breaking her little heart. She left the guild town crying & runs to depress in Shiver Peak. As she cried….she slowly turned her sadness into rage…..her rage focused on the warrior’s dream girl….she blamed her for ‘stealing’ him away from her & thinks the girl should pay….in full for her wrong doing to the little halfkin so she cooks up an evil scheme.

During the next few weeks, all 3 of them reached level 75 cap….so the halfkin begins to put her evil scheme into play. She starts to hack the girl’s account & rob her of the items she worked so hard to get, but the frog warrior being a nice couple helped her regain some of her items back & lend her some of his money. The halfkin had to get desperate to get payback… she thinks of another plan & waits for the opportunity. The frog warrior took a day off of Eden so his dream girl was left alone… the mercy of the halfkin…. The halfkin begins to hack the girl’s favorite map zone, Ursun Paws Mountain, & then lures the girl to the map for a dip in the hot springs. When the girl enters the zone….her controls become disabled & she can’t move. The halfkin rides up to a hill to watch the girl’s suffering in the next few moments. A giant guild boss spawns on top of the girl then spots her & starts to bash the girl until she dies. The girl tries to use her chat box to ask for someone to revive, but the chat box was also disabled so she presses the revive button. However, the girl gets kicked off Eden so when she tries to log back in….It tells her that her IP address has been blocked from Eden. The girl begins to cry realizing she won’t be able to play & be with the frog warrior again while the halfkin laughs evilly on Eden.

The day after, the frog warrior came back & noticed his dream girl not online….so he decides to wait for her. He waits for two weeks for the girl to return….but she has not logged back in….he begins to fall into a depression while the halfkin tries to take advantage & tries to woo into liking her. However, hard as she tries to woo him….his depression blocks her & anyone else around him out…..seeing his depression made the halfkin feel horribly guilty. The halfkin decides to tell what happened to a GM to see if the girl can be accepted back on Eden….the GM will allow this condition, but the halfkin must take the girl’s place of being banned. The halfkin half-heartedly accepts the terms….she rather see the frog she likes happy than miserable. The GM performs the action & the girl logs in as the halfkin logs out forever. The frog warrior & dream girl are happily reunited while the halfkin girl smiles about her good deed she did to make them happy in real life.

And so in the end, the frog warrior & dream girl continue to play together for the rest of their Eden days & the halfkin girl finds her true love on another mmorpg….so they all live happily in the end!~

The End~


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Eden Eternal's Next Top Model! Final Week!

Week 8 - Fairy Tales
Account Name: Thizlaoboi
IGN: Kiete
Server: Sapphire
Entry Title: Awaken! Dragoon!

Complete Size

Challenge: Tell us an Eden Eternal Fairy Tale!

Challenge Entry: "The Plagued Prophecy" (480 words)
♋ Long ago in the realm of Eden Eternal, ancient legends told of great heroes who would emerge when darkness plagued the world. These heroes were known as the Eternal Children. One of the heroes, who was clad in silver armor, wielding the holy spear and blessed with wings of an angel would help save this world from utter destruction. This hero was known as the Silver Dragoon.
♋ In prophecy of old, it was said that a great plague would subdue a prominent town and completely transform the townspeople into horrid, vicious monsters. When the Silver Dragoon had found out about the prophecy’s epidemic, he quickly adventured to find this town. When he finally made it, a huge dark cloud had appeared above the town. He slowly walked through the entrance and noticed shadows of red eyes quickly circling around him behind buildings and landmarks. He closed his eyes, began to shift his body into a battle stance and slowly focused his energy. Soon the Silver Dragoon began to release a light from his body. When the transformed townspeople saw what he was about to do, they quickly tried to swarm him and overwhelm him. However, the townspeople failed and the Silver Dragoon had released an explosion of holy light from his body. This light purified the townspeople who were in the effect’s range.
♋ The Silver Dragoon confirmed that his attack would work on the townspeople and then planned for a larger scale attack to purify the entire town. He leapt into the skies right beneath the ominous dark cloud and began to focus his attack. This attack would take a lot of energy and he knew he had to risk the consequences to save the people.
With no regrets, the Silver Dragoon released an explosion of holy light that appeared in the shape of transparent silver dragon. The Silver Dragoon then mounted himself on the dragon and began to use the dragon’s power to purify the townspeople. As soon as the last of the townspeople were purified the Silver Dragoon went straight toward the dark cloud. He leapt off the dragon and began charging his holy spear toward the dark cloud. The dragon had then fused itself with the holy spear and in the final moments within contact of the dark cloud a huge explosion had burst from the cloud.
♋ As the townspeople looked up, they saw a huge white cloud disintegrating from the sky. From the cloud it began to rain silver feathers. With no trace of the Silver Dragoon the townspeople knew that he sacrificed himself to save them. Suddenly, a holy orb shaped object had appeared in the sky and then, with a quick flash, the orb shot across the sky disappearing into the horizon. With a good feeling of intuition the townspeople knew that the Silver Dragoon was still alive and would be back again, someday.

The End.


This was probably my favorite entry/theme out of the other 7. It was so hard to decide which screencapture to use because I took over who knows how many lol but eventually narrowed it down to 5. I thought I'd post the other 4 too so everyone could see those C:. Anyways, best of luck to all the contestants!
P.S. I was never good with any sort of writings in my English class so sorry for all the gramatical errors LOL.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


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Lol, Thizlaoboi, I have the same problem for each week. xD I make like a 100 screenshots and then sit there staring at the screen. xDD I think that when the contest ends I will post some of them that I really liked but didn't submit for the contest.
All of yours are really cool. Hard choice. ;3 Good Luck.

My Account name: byleco_byleco
Character name: Bazyl
Server: Diamond

Entry: The Genie of the Lamp Appears! (Alladin's Lamp)


Eden Eternal's Fairy Tale: Grandpa's Tree.


In the center of Graceland Marsh, the home of all of the Anuran, there grows a tree. The tree is said to be so big, that its shadow covers the entire lake and its roots reach the faraway corners of the land. Hundreds of birds live there, thousands of the other animals have a shelter in the tree. Children so small that they still have tails like to play hide and seek there. And one Old Man always sits there, with his head beside the trunk, sleeping comfortably in the soft grass.

- Look... - The kids whisper, pointing towards him. -The Grandpa is here again!

Sometimes they gather at his feet and ask him questions.

- How old are you?

- Do you live here?

- Are you the Guardian of Graceland Marsh?

- You must be so old that if you were a Human or Ursun, your beard would be so long that it would reach your ankles! - Say the children.

- Oh no, I'm not old at all. - Replies the Grandpa. - My whole life is still ahead of me, I'm a youngster, just like you! - He laughs and smokes his pipe. Not long after he falls asleep again, dreaming of his old love and his home - the Holy Tree Rando.

One day, when the tree was beginning to bloom beautifully and the last snow was melting, the Mayor of Graceland Marsh was taking a walk to breathe some fresh, warm, spring air. He sat on one of the ancient roots and daydreamed, untill all of a sudden, he saw a silhouette approaching him.

- Hello there! - Shouted the Grandpa taking off his rugged hat.

- Oh, hello! It's gotta be you, the one that everyone keeps calling the Guardian of the Holy Tree! - Replied Mayor.

- Maybe, maybe not... It's the Tree who guards us, not me who guards the Tree - Said the old Anuran mysteriously - I just came back from Aven. I spend every winter there, visiting my son.

- So you have family?

- Yes... - He sighed - I have family...

They sat quietly for a while enjoying the warm breeze of air.

- Can I... Can I tell you a story? - Asked the Old Man all of a sudden - The story of that Tree.

Mayor looked up at the branches now covered with flowers.

- Sure. Please tell me. - He said.

The Grandpa started his tale.

"You must be too young to remember, beacause you're the same age as my son. But long time ago, the World was a very peaceful place. Bach then I had a fiancee here in Graceland Marsh. I loved her deeply. I believed she loved me too. But sad days came soon. The Three Continents were attacked by evil. Eternal Guardians rushed to fight and my Love... My Love became one of them. She was a great cleric with exceptional talent.

- I have to go. The wounded need my help.

- No, you can't. Please, I'll take you on a ship to Aven, my whole family is going. - I told her. I was so afraid of losing her...

- You have to let me go... But let's meet at the center of the Swamp today. I have a gift for you.

As she requested, we met that day, at the exact center of the Graceland Marsh.
We both cried and said goodbye to each other.

- Please come back safely. - I begged her.

She only looked at me and said: - Here.

What she was holding in her hand was a big tree seed. We planted it together.

- This tree will grow to remind you that I am alive. And when I come back from war, we will build our house here.

Her gift was beautiful, beacause what she gave me was hope itself. I waited, the tree grew and... and she did not come back"

- So... you planted that tree? The Holy Tree?!! - Shouted Mayor. - I see now. I understand why you keep coming back here. But... I feel so sad that your Love has died.

- Oh no, she did not die! Can't you see, Mayor? The tree lives and grows, so she lives too! I'm sure she's alive! My life is still ahead of me and one day I will find her. And... That wasn't the end of the story, Mayor! My fiancee gave me one more gift.

"One day when I was sitting right... There - He pointed at a grass isle in between the roots. - It was raining. A large drop of water fell down from the tree onto my nose. Thank God I didn't drink it! I touched my nose with my hand, beacuse I felt something sticky there. And I felt a round shape. Something delicate and jelly-like. It was an egg!

I filled my hat with water and put it in there. Soon, a tadpole hatched from it. I was so happy! I raised him. Ever since he was small, he could cure the wounds of others. I knew he was Her son. And the tree gave him to me"

- Now excuse me, but im very tired of the journey. Maybe I'm not so young after all. Even my son keeps saying that he's an old man already. But he got old fast from all the tiring work in Aven. Zephy can't even find time to visit his real home!"

- Zephy? - Asked Mayor.

But the Grandpa was already asleep, snoring loudly. The petals fell on his hat like pink snow.

- Well... I guess I'll go... - And the mayor walked back to the village.

The sky was cloudless and clear. The towers of Aven were visible at a faraway distance.

- Hope sure is a strong power! - Thought the Mayor. - It's something that makes you keep on living... Sometimes for a very long time!

I found a program on the net for counting words and it said the total is 965. (I don't have MS Word lol) So I fit in the limits. Very Happy
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