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30 Oct 2012
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PostedDec 13, 2012 9:25 pm

Stress Test Skill Changes

Let's make a compilation
I'll start with the sorceress, since that's the class I'm most familiar with.

  • Fireball: MP Cost increased by 5, damage increased by 5.
  • Call Lightning: Damage reduced by 35, shock infliction rate increased to 100%. MP Cost decreased by ~5.
  • Solar Flare: Damage decreased by ~10-30, burn rate is now 100%. MP cost decreased by ~10.
  • Mental Fortitude: Magic defense increase nerfed to 20/30/??. MP Recovery is still the same.
  • Haste: +50 speed instead of +100.
  • Lightning Storm: Damage nerfed to around call lightning's level. MP cost was jacked up by a significant amount. Now has a 100% chance to shock.
  • Whirlwind: Sizable increase in damage, now costs 40 more MP than before.
  • Elemental Adept: Magic attack increased from 50/100/150 to 80/140/200.
  • Mana Shield: Magic defense bonuses are decreased to 60/80/100, making this skill pretty silly to get for any purpose.
  • Concentration: Casting speed bonus nerfed from 20/30/40 to 20/25/30.
  • Zephyr: Cooldown halved to 5m, effect is now 4/8/12 seconds instead of 4/5/6.
  • Firestorm: Pretty big nerf to damage, now costs an arm and leg (205 MP!) to cast instead of 50 MP.

  • Elemental Summon: Cost was jacked up from 150 to 300. It took like no time to realize the thing suddenly costed my entire MP bar at level 3.
  • Ice Lance: Tiny buff to damage, tiny increase in MP cost. Now slows with a 100% chance instead of 50%.
  • Summon Healing: Healing increases at higher levels raised. Now costs WAY more MP than before. Oo boy.
  • Celerity: Now has a cooldown of 1m instead of 10s.
  • Ice Blast: Slight increases in damage, now has a 100% chance to slow.
  • Sleep: Is now 100%. Cooldown time, however, is increased to 1 minute.
  • Summon Mettle: Costs increased significantly, but buffs elemental stats by 10/20/30 now.
  • Water Aegis: Significant increases in PDEF increases. Costs 150 MP now, but no one cares about MP costs on a personal long-term buff.
  • Weapon Rune: Now increases magic attack by 90/120/150 instead of 50/75/100. Costs 170 MP now, meh.
  • Frozen Aegis: Massive increases in defense buff (400/500/600?). Freeze is lowered to single digits, but that's probably a good thing. Also costs more.
  • Earthbind: Significant MP cost increase, with a 1 second decrease in root duration.
  • Quake: About 30 points decrease in damage, now costs 205+(!) MP to cast.

My Thoughts about the Changes:

  • Fireball: Pretty much no change.
  • Call Lightning: The damage reduction really hurts at low levels, but is offset by matk boosts when better weapons are acquired. The guaranteed shock is really nice though.
  • Solar Flare: Ouch. Solar flare is very useful in the early game, and nerfing its damage this much makes it difficult for the spell to function as such.
  • Mental Fortitude: Still necessary for the MP regen, even if sorcs now no longer have any advantage in magic defense.
  • Haste: I don't know why this is nerfed =x.
  • Lightning Storm: Hurts at low levels; no longer possible to aoe before getting a really good plussed weapon. The MP cost increase hurts as well. The 100% shock is very good at high levels though.
  • Whirlwind: Still the same as before. Useful in PvP for slowing. For PvE, meh.
  • Elemental Adept: Nice.
  • Mana Shield: Not really worth leveling anymore, even if you are dueling shadowmages.
  • Concentration: Once again, dunno why this is nerfed =x.
  • Zephyr: They buffed it! It's still terrible, though.
  • Firestorm: I hope the nerf has something to do with the skill no longer having a 1s animation time. Since firestorm has high base damage, the nerf is very noticable; the MP cost is pretty evil. It's like saying "stop AoEing guys!"

  • Elemental Summon: This costs the entire MP bar of a new sorceress...why again?
  • Ice Lance: The 100% chance to slow makes this quite useful now.
  • Summon Healing: I don't see a reason to bump the MP cost of elemental healing, though the higher numbers are okay.
  • Celerity: Not really a good MP restoring skill anymore. A shame; maybe sorcs will have to put points into wis now.
  • Ice Blast: Eh, I guess it's nice that the skill actually does damage now. It's a good initial skill for right side sorcs, although whirlwind overpowers it when they reach the left side. At least it's not useless now, though!
  • Sleep: A reliable skill with a longer cooldown is a good thing imo.
  • Summon Mettle: Buffed quite a bit.
  • Weapon Rune: More buffs to the right side, not that it's not a bad thing.
  • Earthbind: Not that much change overall aside from the MP cost increase.
  • Quake: See firestorm, but honestly, ouch.

Summary of changes to the class:

General Skill Adjustments:
Some nerfs to the fixed damage values on left side. Buffs to magic power evens this out a bit.
Nerfs to magic defense buffs on the left side.
Huge buffs to right side, especially in terms of defense.
Significant nerfs to MP regeneration, including the 1m cooldown on celerity and significantly increased MP costs.

General Considerations:
Sorcs now AoE quite a bit worse now. In addition to consideration for our HP, we now have significant cost increases in firestorm and quake.
Single target damage remains about the same, maybe a bit lower.
All control skills are now 100%. Sorcs now have the reliable utilities they should have gotten in the first place.
MP costs increased significantly. In addition to the hit to celerity, this means that we won't have the luxury of infinite MP anymore.


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PostedDec 14, 2012 4:19 am
Really great guide! Thanks for putting this together. As you know, we're working on making the game better prior to OBT. As a result, some of the changes you are seeing in this build will likely not make it into the final release of DK.

I encourage everyone to comment and discuss what they like and dislike about the changes to their favorite class and skills in DK Online.

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PostedDec 14, 2012 4:54 am
100 % success rate on stun is a fair trade for lowered damage so that can stay as is. The other sorceresses are going to hate me but the def provided by water aegis and frozen aegis are crazy high and probably need nerfed. That said haste needs restored and zephyr still needs a lower cool down like 1 minute max 12 second duration is probably fine. Firestorm needs its damage back its a close range high risk skill it needs to be worth it. Concentration needs to go back as it was as well.

Aoes in general are lacking for the sorceress but as mobs are now only shadow mages can solo aoe them(you really can't kite mobs in this game with the cast times and animations). with a sorceress more than 2 without a ele summon and your dead at least from level 15-25 and more so afterward i assume.

The complaint mobs were too weak came when we were all stat bugged and had 1-2k more stats then we should have after that was fixed i thought mob diffuculty was fine. Now i pot 5x more then i ever did partially because of mp costs and the rest is due to mobs hitting harder and having higher hp

Solo my game play is summon ele kill 1 mob use celerity kill 2 more mobs summon another ele assuming it isnt dead yet repeat 2x use celerity again and maybe hp pot unless hostile mobs spawn on top of me or i get 3 of them to aggro then its run for your life.

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PostedDec 27, 2012 7:51 pm
I'd say better MP regen for mages, otherwise leave it as is.

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