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25 Dec 2012
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PostedDec 27, 2012 9:58 am

Wrong spot!

I accidently had the Captain take me to Shell hill, but I wanted to go to blue bay, Can I get there later on in the game? Also, how do I use chat? I can't figure it out @_@


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08 Mar 2010
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PostedDec 27, 2012 10:22 am
Yes. You can. There is a transporter to the main city in each starter map. There is in turn, a transporter to each main city in every town, I.E you can go to each cities starter map at any time (So long as you can survive the few malicious monsters that will attack you on site). Seeing as to you're a newbie, you can only use Say Chat, Party chat (You must be in a party for this) and Guild Chat (You must be recruited to a guild for this). At level 15, after you complete the class change quest, you will be allowed to use any public chat. This being World Chat- Trade Chat - And Looking for Party Chat.

This is the list of how to use each Chat

Say Chat: CTRL+S

Party Chat: CTRL+P

Guild Chat: CTRL+G

Trade Chat: CTRL+T

Looking For Party Chat (LFP): CTRL+F

World Chat: CTRL + W

And there is also Whisper Chat, which I forgot to mention. If you wish to return a Whisper quickly (Meaning not click said persons name>Whisper) Press CTRL+R.

Hope this helps. Enjoy The Grand Fantasia.

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