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16 Aug 2012
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PostedDec 25, 2012 5:55 pm

Alliance improvement wishlist

Just a few thoughts I had while discussing things with our Alli leader the other day. We were having one of our usual chats about day to day issues that arise in running an alliance, and ended up tossing some ideas around about how things could be better. So this is just a suggestion thread based on what we figured could use some attention and improvement regarding Alliance management. By "management", i'm typically referring to Leaders and Elders.

1) More Elders. When you have a full house of 85 members, often 3 people in total for upper management are not quite enough to adequately handle things in a timely manner. You get a couple management in the same timezone or even all 3, and some members who are in opposite timezone, sometimes that can create issues. Leaders and Elders not able to be on when some of the members are = longer the time issues take to be resolved, further issues can arise from it. I've been in a LOT of leadership positions in many games over the years. This is the only one where it was been so seriously limiting as to how many can be in a top management spot.

2) Nobody outside of leader should ever be able to accept a merge request. Not sure if it was a glitch of what, but last time I was in an Elder position I could see incoming merge requests and approve/deny them. IMO, this shouldn't be any option for anyone other than Leader.

3) Up the cap for the number of members who can join an Alliance. Perhaps the # of Elders could be a percentage of how many members the Alliance can hold at maximum?

4) Pretty please with sugar on top someone FINISH the rest of the buildings in Alli shop so they are active in the game and can be built. Very Happy

5) Ability to send an announcement ONLY to management types. This would save a ton of typing a ton of ppl's names. Smile

6) Would be nice to be able to turn OFF mail notifications of applicants when you can still SEE who's applied by going to the Member section. Really, less mailbox flooding would be awesome for a Leader who already gets more than enough daily. Wink

Anyways, just a few points, maybe others have some to throw in as well from how their Alliance runs. Smile
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