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05 Dec 2012
PostedDec 22, 2012 3:07 am

I accidentally transfer my player belongs to you and not to

Incorrect transfer
Please Help
Hey I made a wrong transfer game from ijji soldier front to aeria games I did not know they both work together until I accidentally transfer.
At first I signed up for aeria games played in soldier front I went to (captain green) and when I go to ijji through my Facebook site did not occur and Mishenichnas through facebook and my nephew it went to the ijji Then I clicked on the transfer of the player from ijji to aeria games and all that and I Facebook's My nephew and I shook the transfer I wrote my original user aeria games I connected up my nephew and gave me his player's own player and my ijji of aeria games how do I return to my original actor
Please Help Thanks in advance!
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