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Aeria: Product Manager
15 Oct 2007
Wolf City United States
PostedDec 20, 2012 3:26 pm

Wolf Team Holiday Tier! Ended early 9pm PDT Saturday!

Start: 12/20/2012 11PM PST - End: 12/25/2012 9PM PST
Wolf Team Holiday Tier!

Spend 10AP and receive a Lucky Box x1

Spend 350AP and receive a Weapon Jackpot Box

Spend 700AP and receive a X-Mas Jackpot Box

Spend 1500AP and receive a Mystery Box: Characters (14D)

Spend 2000AP and receive a Choice Box: Special Parts (7D)

Spend 2500AP and receive a Choice Box: Choose one of the following:

Adriana XMAS Look (14D)
Pedro XMAS Look (14D)
Lin XMAS Look (14D)
Hamadah XMAS Look (14D)
Geremi XMAS Look (14D)
Illude XMAS Look (14D)
Angela XMAS Look (14D)
Christopher XMAS Look (14D)
Reinhard XMAS Look (14D)
Tomita XMAS Look (14D)
Marian XMAS Look (14D)
Yigit XMAS Look (14D)
Sarah XMAS Look (14D)
Matt XMAS Look (14D)
Kate XMAS Look (14D)
Alexsandro XMAS Look (14D)

Start: Thursday, Dec. 20th 9PM PDT
End: Monday, Dec. 25th 9PM PDT

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