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02 Sep 2009
PostedDec 19, 2012 6:06 pm
Clovernite wrote:
Aznteck wrote:
Lol. I remember using this discussion to get a bunch of +1's. Then they removed the first one and bam, 200 posts gone. XD  

Truth is, these threads are really cool. I'd just stick to A.v.A.'s, but they're in a further league then I am. They got 200+ animes over my 200-.

Lord_reddragon wrote:
Clovernite wrote:
Lord_reddragon wrote:
I highly recommend the anime Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty because it my favorite manga and anime ever ^^,here the link for the first episode of Vampire knight, Vampire Knight Guilty

Next I will recommend Clannad and Clannad After Story, if ya wanna QQ that the best choice for ya :3.  

VK looks like a romance. Is it action too? Zero's looking pretty fierce with that pistol.

Same thing with Clannad, is it purely a love story? I'll still check it out if so, but Clannad: After Story's desc. kinda spoiled Clannad. ._.  

Vampire Knight tags ; action - Comedy - Drama - school - Gothic - Harem - Romance - Supernatural - Vampire

Clannad tags ; Harem, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School  

I'll watch it, I'm looking for a new anime anyway. What site do you use? I'll add it to suggestions too.

What are you watching now?  

Hehe maybe Vampire Knight would be a better choice for ya because Clannad is more for people that wanna QQ, something I love when I'm watching anime ^^

Right now I'm starting the second season of Kimi ni Todoke, I really loved the first season but I think I will wait until christmas vacancy finish cause I prefer spend great time with my family and friend. Also when I watch a episode I just can't stop until I go to sleep :3

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