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01 Aug 2012
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PostedDec 18, 2012 5:10 pm

Vladimir Signature Guide

I'm leeching this off another forum hehehe. It's mine though, don't worry. :D

Making a signature out of concept art.
-Requires basic tool knowledge of Photoshop.
However, don't be afraid to ask questions below, I will update the OT accordingly. View the bottom for FAQs.

Step 1
Find your concept art. In this case I used Vladimir's "updated" skin.
Make sure the concept art has an effect that is not part of the "body."
This case, it is the blood.

Step 2
Crop out Vladimir. Paste him on your canvas and crop him out there so you don't need to crop out
Vladimir entirely.

As you can see, I didn't need to crop out Vlad's legs.

Step 3
Open that up, and look for an effect you want to crop out.
I cropped out the blood using the pen tool.

Circled in blue is the blood with Vlad behind it. I merely took that blood and
cropped out Vlad, and enlarged it.

Step 4
Do that a couple more times and position them to your liking. I had a couple behind Vlad, and some infront.
Notice that I blurred one of them significantly, this shows that this piece is closer to the camera. (circled in blue)

Now tick off Vlad's visibility by clicking on the little "eye" next to the layer.
All the following layers will be UNDER Steps 1-4's layers.

Step 5
Now add a background. I just took the original background that Vlad was in.

Step 6
The next step is completely up to you. I went for a multi-color glow background, so I added some color strokes and set them to
overlay at 50% opacity

Step 7
Now I added some random effects to spice things up a bit. I also added some highlight glows in the middle
where Vlad is going to be on.

Step 8
Now for the "bokeh" effect I used. It is essentially a bunch of multi-colored circles. If you do not know what Bokeh is,
go on youtube and search up bokeh. I will provide a link at the end of the tutorial.

A.) Turn off everything except for the background.
B.) Use your little Bokeh bursh, Make sure your foreground color is white.
C.) Go on your brush settings panel apply these settings:

D.) Now brush your area of interest accordingly. Set this to overlay. Lower the opacity as/if needed.

Take a look at how I brushed the bokeh, look at the blue outline of Vladimir. Most of the bokeh effect resides at the edge
of my focal.

Place Bokeh at the top of all your layers.

Step 9

If you've been following correctly, open up all your layer visibility, the sig should look like this.

Ok, so we're almost there, we just need some more tweaking.


Step 10

Notice that Vlad's left hand has some highlights that is coming from an external light source. That's a no-no, I don't want external light sources.
The light source should be at the top and behind Vlad.
So grab your burn tool and BURN THAT HAND.

Before: After:

Now I just added some highlights.

Look at Vlad's cape and the orb edges. I added some brush strokes and set them to overlay and lowered the opacity.

I also took this layer:

Duplicated it, and dragged it all the way at the top.
And set it to overlay at 25% opacity.

Added this Gradient:

Set it to 50% opacity at Soft Light.

Added these curves at 15% opacity at normal.

And I added a photo filter at 50% opacity, normal.

Click on a new layer. Image>Apply Image.
Blur it using Gaussian Blur with 8 Strength. (Just don't over do it.)

Select your Circular Maraque Tool, and set the feather to 50%

Select your entire canvas. Do this by clicking on one corner and dragging to the far opposite corner.

Press delete twice.

Add some text and maybe a border.
And you're done.

Happy signature making.
/Shovel. B4Trilogy in this forum Very Happy

You will notice that I did not go through everything. I did remember saying that you needed some
knowledge with the tools. I did this so that nobody would replicate the tag I did here. That is not the purpose of the tutorial. Go make your own tags. Use this tutorial as an add-on style/effect to whatever signature you are making. Or use the concept and add other effects to the effects already present.



So... Here's my little Christmas present to the gfx community here.

Thought I should share. No harm done, right? Smile



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29 Nov 2009
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PostedDec 18, 2012 5:37 pm
I guess I'll be the first one here to say, nice tutorial. I like that sig too.

Do you have a dA or anything with other eye candy?



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01 Aug 2012
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PostedDec 19, 2012 9:00 am
Lol, no I don't have a deviantart. I don't make a lot of signatures anyways ^_^ I might start to deviant once I have my bamboo create tablet. Very Happy

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