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10 Apr 2011
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PostedDec 18, 2012 4:35 am

Arena: Definetly do-able without fort :P

A mages perspective!
Hey there prospective players! I am sure we've all given arena a go and regardless I'm sure we've all encountered matches where the odds are definetly not in our favour.

While it's definetly true that a team of players with +4/+5 weapons and armor VS a team of players with +15 armor will have a highly likely chance of losing, you needn't be the player who has to be the one who forks out the cash! Since arena matchups are random you can rest assured that they're just as likely to land on your team.

Recently I made a necromancer named Hiellian and attempted WS 40 arena several times, completely unfortified, although I did die to the +15 weapon people, I was suprised at the number of kills I was able to rack up. And if there was a weighting to kill assists... Oh boy!.

Also I kinda overkilled the 'undergear' aspect, I used the accesories we get from the sprite book, +0 mage legacy, +0 Blessed Staff of Eternal Night, +0 Strength Eternal Oblivion Rod

An ordinary player can do much better

So don't give up guys! and don't rage quit when things aren't the best! Smile

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