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15 Aug 2012
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PostedNov 15, 2012 8:24 pm

About Lockdown

For those who stuggling and beginner in LD

As I played totally 2 months AVA, the few things I can only say is:

  • Too many hackers
  • Too many people struggle in co-op mode
  • Too many people don't know how to play this game properly

Well...don't want to say too much about that area, lets start the topic. If you think the following information is boring for you, I won't blame you as I just want to explain from the start.

This is a little introduction of the enemy (Colour) you'll meet in Lockdown (Normal mode):

  1. Grey: Appear in round 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. Equip with dinner plate (attact rate slow), knife (attack rate fast), wood stick (attack rate slightly slow). Has the lowest HP and medium movement in all the deserter.

  2. Yellow: Appear in round 3, 4, and 6. Equip with a shovel (slightly fast attack rate). Slightly highter HP than the grey and has the highest movement speed in all the deserter.

  3. Red: Appear in round 2, 4, and 6. Equip with a fire axe (slow attact rate). Their HP is higher than the yellow and grey but not the boss, and can deal high damage to player. Also, slowest movement speed in all the deserter.

  4. Black: Appear in all rounds as boss. Equip with shovel (round 1, 5 and 6), Remingtion 870 (round 2, 5 and 6), grenade (round 3, 5 and 6. The grenade indicater shows its M23 but not high damage as M23.) and Glock 17 (round 4, 5 and 6).

From those performance, this is the priority of killing them:
Round 1: grey>shovel boss
Round 2: grey>red>shotgun boss
Round 3: yellow>grenade boss>grey
Round 4: yellow>handgun boss>red
Round 5: grey>grenade boss>shotgun boss> handgun boss>shovel boss
Round 6: yellow>grey>grenade boss>shotgun boss>red>handgun boss>shovel boss. (This round is a bit more complicated than other.)

Finally, a little bit common sense and knowledge:

  • Always stay back from the enemy (specially the red, black boss with range weapon)
  • Only pack up health pack, ammo if you need to. Make sure your teammate can cover you when you running front. And this is a reminder: sometimes you'll pay a price for just pack up the stuffs on floor...
  • the grey with lowest milltary rank (duck) can be killed by a single cut of knife (no need cut the head).
  • The closer of you and the shotgun boss, the bigger chance they blow your head off
  • There're UPSTAIR and DOWNSTAIR in the room......(can't believe lots of people don't know that, or they know but don't make notice.)
  • You can mail shot the enemy before the gate open. (Shot through the hole.)
  • Ammo pack will NOT give you pistol ammo.
  • Headshot works in co-op game as well as pvp mode.
  • When all your teammate dead and you win the round at last, don't try to kill yourself for fun. It will lead to a bug round.
  • DON'T leave the game, whatever reason, if you find the game is going well. Ask your teammate for hanging in the game if you need toliet or whatever. Leave IMMEDIATELY, if you find the following reason: more than 1 teammate never play the game before, less than 4 people in the game, teammates not being serious in the game, and teammates' ping more than 500.

I'll finish the writting here and shall continuou if people find this helps.


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11 Mar 2012
Oss Netherlands
PostedDec 14, 2012 3:52 pm
Why not make a guide for lockdown extreme? LD easy is too easy. Even legit

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