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09 Dec 2012
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Mystic Ralph and the Sprite Part 1

The Beginning Of Ralph Lifes
A long time ago the beginner Ralph has Begun To Study the World Crystalist.
The World Crystalist a chaotic world where our hero Goes.,
Our master was YuShown have Power can return a person to a Long time world
Here are our story begins

One day our hero ralph has woke up in their home, "What a nice day, Its 7:00am but why the sun arent goes up"..... That day seems odd, Our hero Ralph was wondering why the morning Was dark. " "Strangely today whether to yesterday" said Ralph.

Ralph went to his master to ask why the morning is dark.
During the walk of Ralph. Ralph encountered a white horse with wings.
"Wat The Mosh is dat... it seems the day of this morning has change..."
Ralph ignored the horse. Ralph was straight to his master to speak what's happening on that day......

Ralph saw his master wrapped in a strange vegetable crops, "Master What's that ? it seems odd like this day" ralph said. "Ralph the day has come, Yesterday is the last day of your practice You need to do a mission for me so that the sun here goes up" Master YuShown Said. "But master what kind of mission is that is it hard for me ? do i have a team for it?" Ralph Said,
"Ralph do you see this strange vegetable? this will be your pet . this pet is your team its called Sprite you can name him.... in 1hour he will begin to wake up" Master YuShown Said
Ralph and Master Waited for the Sprite to wake up ...

1Hour Later the Sprite begin to woke up .... "Hi People can i ask your name?" Sprite said
Ralph was surprised when Sprite are Talk. "What kind of pet are you , Your talking sounds strange" Ralph Said,... "Dont worry ralph he wont bite you he is good as you, Lets Start the mission Ralph" Master YuShown Said... "but how ? idk the mission yet master" Ralph Said

Master Start to walk to the back of the house. Ralph and the sprite are chatting with something "Sprite Hmm let me call you Blind Smile sounds a great name " Ralph said
"Chuchu Sounds great name for me master ralph" Blind said "Master is that .... Master where are you" Ralph said " Im here ralph at the back of the house" master yushown said

Ralph and Blind goes to back of the house to find master...
"woahhhh what kind of magic is that master" Ralph said "Its the time magic when you walk into that you will go to something strange this where your magic and your mission starts Ralph" master yushown said "So you mean we need to go there now?" Ralph said
"Yes ralph and youll see the monster that killed your family out there" master yushown said
"Alright blind come with me to kill that thing " ralph Said "Wait ralph you need this staff its a wood but might help you someday" Master YuShown said...

Ralph and Blind goes to the time magic... There ralph and blind will start the mission so that the sun in the future city will goes up

To be continue .............
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