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14 Mar 2012
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PostedDec 11, 2012 2:15 am

My character quests have all reset??

I haven't played since July of this year. When I installed and logged into Grand Fantasia this evening, all of the completed quests on my character had reset. I looked at the History tab in the Adventure Log, and the game claims I haven't completed any quests from Kaslow and Ilya.

I can't simply abort them all since some quests are story or required. Is there any way a GM or someone can remove them? (or mark them as completed?)

Also I bought a bunch of magic clay from the item mall and used them towards a Pirate Ship mount on the Magic Alchemy. I won it, and used it before I left the game. Now it has a Lv30 requirement and I can't use it? The M-Alch mounts on the Alchemy don't have a requirement so why does mine have one? Any fix for this? :(

IGN: Onett, Lv26 Archer
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