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21 Nov 2009
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PostedDec 08, 2012 9:38 pm

A story.

A story filled with the most epic and greatest random fun you will ever see.
In the world of Muu Muu Puu Faan Chuu Dee Unn Frit, lived a boy named Tulip Butt. Tulip was eleventeen years old and had a bed. He doesn't have a bed anymore because it was stolen by something. In the world of Muu Muu Puu Faan Chuu Dee Unn Frit there is a great place called the Great Place. Tulip Butt swore on his pretty white teeth he would go visit The Great place one great day and that was 5 minutes before this was written. Tulip Butt decided that he would wait no more for anything and ran 2 miles west to the Great Place he wanted to go. Which sadly was a water fall named after a. Tulip Butt took a bath in the a mountain. After that he went back home and shortly after that he jumped off his house in hopes that he could fly away. He was severely hurt and passed out on the ground beneath him. Tulip butt woke up the next day with a dog laying on his body. He named this dog, here boy. Tulip and here boy set off on a grand adventure back to his home. When they got there a dragon blew the city up and asked for some cheetos and starbucks. Now Tulip and his dog here boy had to set out on a journey to get the dragon some cheetos and starbucks or the dragon would kill the world of Muu Muu Puu Faan Chuu Dee Unn Frit.

Want to hear what happens next?? Post what you think happens in the story next and that is what happens next. THE END.
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