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Legendary Founder: Scarlet Blade
03 Mar 2011
PostedDec 07, 2012 6:57 am

Disconnection issues.

Error 10053(?) i think it is. I am getting disconnected a lot. And then i mean like 1-2 times an hour. This never happens to other online games i'm playing either, so i figured it has to be something with this game. I looked around for a fix myself but as the search function on this forum sucks I didn't come up with much. Did find this tho: in the wiki, but that thing looks like it hasn't been updated for a while. At least it doesn't work anymore.

I don't have the best or fastest network connection but still, that shouldn't make me DC so often. I'm never lagging either so I'm kinda confused what to do here. Is there any more information i could give that would make it easier for someone to figure out what the problem is?

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