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30 Apr 2007
PostedDec 06, 2012 7:34 pm


Recruiting all players new and old.
We are a new alliance here in Golden Age.
We come from Castlot and we are ranked #1 league in it.

We will be recruiting anyone willing to join at the start,
but we will start adding in restrictions on invitations once we start to fill in the ranks.

Rules are simple.

  1. Have good manners and be mature, No fighting allowed alliance chat or world.
    If you have a problem with some one let one of our ranked officers know.

  2. Do alliance quests daily (For both your benefit and the alliances).

  3. Help out other members new or old, don't be rude if they don't know something easy help them with it, and be nice about it.

Simple rules nothing strict, we like it to be lively and a place where you want to hang out.
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