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30 Jul 2012
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PostedDec 06, 2012 7:16 pm

Cross-server Warriors Cup

Cross-server Warriors Cup
Duration: Permanent
Server: All Servers

Cross-sever Warriors Cup is held among all servers. Those players who rank from 9th to 16th in arena for each server will be eligible for the Cross-sever Warriors Cup.

7:00 p.m. on Sunday

1. Cross-sever Warriors Cup is a knockout tournament. Players can only save their hero deployment and unit assignment in their own servers.
2. In Cross-sever Warriors Cup, there are five rounds of eliminations. Each player fights in one battle for each round. The time interval between battles is 10 minutes. In addition, they can check the info of their next opponent and change the troop deployment accordingly.
3. There are not any casualties that will be caused during Cross-sever Warriors Cup.
4. All the eight places in Cross-sever Warriors Cup will receive mysterious gift packages.  
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