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08 Mar 2010
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PostedDec 05, 2012 10:59 pm

Grand Fantasia Installation and Download problems.

Just bringing this to everyone's attention.
So, I'm sure for new players and old players alike, I'm sure you've noticed as of late, that when you're trying to download/reinstall Grand Fantasia. Weather it's the download itself, the Installation process, or my problem, the Update taking 3 hours to hit 80% done, then not being able to finish. I wanted to make sure that anyone who was just entering/coming back to game (I'm seeing it a lot as of late, wew. Game no dying.) that you may want to google/refer to Forums/The sticky at the top of this page/GSEnglish's helpful download links. (All tested by Mr.English himself, do not worry, these have been virus scanned and tested by the wonderful Englishman himself.) Anyhow, from what I see these links also have Ignite removed from them. So if ignite drives you nuts (it totally makes me wanna throw a nut at Izze.) you may want to try this. As the description states, I'm just bringing this to everyones attention. So yea, AKFrost's sticky at the top of this page, or GSEnglish's helpful links. Enjoy the game, toodles.

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