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PostedNov 30, 2012 11:11 pm

The Spiral Guards.

A story between two Sprite Messengers and how they changed the world.
I was running. Running as fast as possibly possible. I couldn't go into my ghost form for another few seconds, but I couldn't make it. I knew I couldn't. I flipped in mid air, as my hands hit the ground, two summoner circles, the runes activated, two Demons from Hard appeared. Normally I could barely summon 1 demon, but these were drastic times. The demons held off Gluttony's minions, but not for long. The skeletons continue'd to chase me. I could sense them behind me. I didn't want to run anymore, I took a stance and stood my ground. The skeletons in front of me. In one swift move, I sweep kicked the first skeleton in front of me, as one skeleton tried punching me, I pushed my hand up on its arm and slammed my palm on the ground, in the Necromantic circle, chains grabbed the arms and legs of the Skeleton **** it to Hard. Two skeletons left and I had no energy left. They both came at me, I flinched, then, all of a sudden, a huge wind pushed them away. As I turned to sense (because I'm blind, I see from magical aura people and objects have in them.), I saw about a tall, pale guy in a white tux and white fox ears. "Need some help there, miss?" He asks. A skeleton lashed out at him, he ducked and took his Dragon's Breath Halberd and sliced a very clean cut across the skeleton's head. "Thank you, stranger." I say, panting heavily. "No problem. Henchmen of the doomsday Emissaries, right?" He asked. "Yes. They found and tried to ambush me." "Well, it's a good thing I came huh?" "Mhmm" I say, getting off the ground. "I'm Kaze, the wind god. Nice to meet ya." (Don't tell him I said this, but Kaze sort of has what would be a faint American country accent.) "I'm Ciega," I replied. "The Blind Necromancer."

Chapter 1



Okay guys, if you want to see more, leave comments and I will gladly post Chapter 2.

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PostedDec 04, 2012 4:05 pm
Not bad. Ciega.

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