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15 Sep 2012
PostedDec 04, 2012 11:55 am

Looking for a clan

Strategic Active 15 year old living in Europe
Hey im Diabloblo (Game) I am looking for a clan that is active and like to clan war.
Recentley i made a clan but then i disbanded it... I am relativley new to AVA and would love a clan to help me.
My info
S/D: .96 (I tend to try to play matchs that I am not good in Sniper windmill, Demolition... but the turth is im not that great of a player anyway...)
Classes: mostly Pointman but i try to use Rifle or sniper if needed
Newness to AVA: I've been playing AVA for about 2 months but still have LOTS of questions
Shooter experience: I played Combat arms for a year, and still play TF2 and a couple other shooters.
Where do I live: I live in Morocco
Communication: I use Raidcall but will be willing to use Skype, Teamspeak etc
Willingness to CW : I love CLAN WARING
Activeness: 7-14 hours a week of AVA
Rank Staff sergeant 3rd class i think or sergeant 3rd class i forgot...
Age: 15
any other questions?
If your willing to give me a chance let me know.
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