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30 Jun 2011
PostedDec 04, 2012 2:45 am

how to get this item ?

i'm crafting a piercing gun / pistol , i need this item but where can i get this item ?

tough brunch
cat's eye diamond
terrified thought


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23 Feb 2008
PostedDec 04, 2012 2:57 am

to give you a list where you can get the items:

Tough Branch:
Needs to be farmed by a Farmer. First go to the Industrial Ward in Aven (Northwest Corner of the town), then look for the Agricultural Merchant. He will sell you scrolls. Pick either of the last 3 in his inventory, then go to the farmer Felix just behind him and task the farmer to gather items for you. After it is done you can click on the orange symbol appearing in the lower right of your screen to collect the items.

Cat's Eye Diamond:
From the farmer, go a bit north and you will find the Mineral Merchant. Buy the very last item in his inventory, then go to the Miner Heghurn just behind him and task him to gather. As before, you can collect the items using the icon in the lower right. Note that the Diamond may take a few tries to be gathered, as it is rarer than the branches.

Sidenote: Those 2 items can also be obtained using miners/farmers in guild towns, but Aven is the easiest to explain. You can also buy the items from other players, but this will most certainly be more expensive.

Terrified Thought:
This item is a Monster drop from a lot of Mobs between Level 30 and 39. When you target a mob, click on the ? in the upper right of the mob window to see things it can possibly drop. A great farming spot are the drakes outside Loto in Avila Volcano. Alternatively, you can just buy those items from other players.

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