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15 Apr 2007
PostedMay 06, 2007 7:51 pm
3py0n wrote:
theross wrote:
SRO has way more content than this!!  

What do you mean by content?

If you mean quests/things to do I agree but I like this game better for some reason haha Razz Maybe cause the SP farming is not as harsh heh.

I stopped SRO when I was like 27 took way too long to lvl even with a fairly decent bow Razz

PS: I wish I enjoyed low rates A LOT  

I just botheredre-downloading SRO to check how it had changed...

And they added a lot of stuff since I last played. I'd have to agree that as of now they have a lot more content. All the alchemy stuff they added makes for an interesting crafting system.

Back when I played you were lucky to have +3 weap with 7 crit O_o

And it's hard to argue that LC looks anywhere near as good.

Looking back the thing I like about LC in comparison is probably the lack of emphasis on sucking down pots.

My lvl 32 Royal knight might use 10 small HP pots in 5 hours of grinding, but my lvl 42 STR lancer uses an MP pot and an HP pot every other mob (and they're more expensive) -_-


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16 Dec 2006
PostedMay 06, 2007 7:58 pm
yea basically..anything is a better deal than LC cash and game-wise


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17 Feb 2008
Concord United States
PostedDec 01, 2012 2:03 pm

Bad players on Silkroad Online

Hackers and cheats on SilkRoad Online
[/b]I played Silkroad Online from the day it started up as Sir_Victor I had the strongest char in the game and Sir_Victor was a Warrior and he was still tops over all the Wizards in the game. In about 2009 Sir_victor got hacked and taken over by another player who in turn gave Sir_Victor a bad name as he started cheating and hacking other players witch was never the case before so do not trust him if you see him he is a bad guy. Crying or Very sad
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