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16 Aug 2011
Philadelphia United States
PostedDec 01, 2012 12:33 pm

Can't log into the website.

But can log into the game.
I'm writing this problem for a friend since he can't seem to send a support ticket either.

He just recently moved from India to Singapore. While he was in India, he could play Grand Fantasia and even log into the website/forums. This afternoon when he got home to Singapore, he tried to log into the website to donate. However, it does not allow him to.

It does not give an error, but instead, after putting in all his information and pressing submit/login; he gets redirected to the main Grand Fantasia website but is not signed in.

He tried this on several different browsers (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox). So after that, he triedt o send a support ticket but it doesn't allow him.

So my question is, does Grand Fantasia block ips from accounts if they have more than 2 IPs? Also, how do you resolve this?

Thanks for any information!
P.S. Forgot to mention, he can log into the game and Aeria Ignite perfectly. It's just the website and forums.
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