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14 Apr 2011
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greenfist1 wrote:
hi i just found out there is a western version of this game ^^ therefor i got a few questions hope anybody would b so kind to help me out :

1.When will the CBT start?

2.Will it have gamepad support?

3.Will it b a cencored version of the korean one or will the mature graphics b the same?

cant w8 to play this game thx in advance Smile  

I know the questions have already been answered multiple times, but I'll give mine.

Question 1: No one is sure when it will released yet. Some say early 2013, and one person said we won't get it for 5-6 months (which is thinking TOO negatively, imo). Best to just wait and see what AGE says.

Question 2: Not sure if SB will support gamepads. DWO (a "Martial Arts MMO" that Aeria hosts) supports it (you can use an Xbox 360 or PS3 controller), but GF (another MMORPG) doesn't to my knowledge, so chances are SB might follow the latter.

Question 3: Only censoring that will be done with be small changes to the Sentinel class/models. Everything else SHOULD stay the same.
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