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Chapter 4

Rosa watched the fort's men from afar as they constructed the catapults then she looked over at the Turga camp. There had been no attacks since they had arrived and the fort's men had been working on the catapults all night.

She sighed and rubbed her eyes.


She jerked around and saw Sir Wendell standing behind her.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

She relaxed and turned around to look at the Turga camp again.

Sir Wendell walked over.

"Rosa, are you okay?"

She sighed again and looked at him.

"Yeah....I'm just edgy."

Sir Wendell patted her on the back. "It's okay. Everything is going as planned. Though....there is one thing I'm concerned about."

Rosa turned to face him. "What is it?"

Sir Wendell looked at the Turga camp. "The Turgas might have a trick up their sleeves. We need a back up plan incase the plan fails."

Rosa nodded. "Good point..." She looked up at the sky in thought. "Let's ask Sir Nathan."

Lee ran over suddenly. "The catapults are ready!"

Rosa and Sir Wendell turned to look at him.

"What about the stones?"She asked.

Lee looked at her. "They're all here. They're working on getting the hay tied around them."

Rosa nodded. "That's good. Do you know where Sir Nathan is?"

Lee nodded and pointed. "He's over there."

Rosa followed his finger to where he pointed and saw Sir Nathan standing infront of a table with papers all over it.

"Thanks, Lee."

"Your welcome,"He replied then turned and ran off.

Rosa walked over to Sir Nathan with Sir Wendell following behind her.

Sir Nathan was studying a map of the area as they approached then looked up. "Do you need anything, milady?"

Rosa answered, "We need a back up plan."

Sir Nathan nodded and stroked his chin in thought. "Hmm...Well, we'll have to retreat if the plan fails. Get the horses ready and pack everything we'll need. Also, keep two men posted at the gate so they can open it if need be."

Sir Wendell nodded and walked off to make the preparations.

Rosa glanced at the map. "So, when are we going to launch the attack?"

Sir Nathan looked at the catapults. "I would say tonight. They might not expect anything at night."

"But what about the guards?"

Sir Nathan looked at her. "They'll be able to warn the others, but the stones should do damage before they can alert anyone."

She nodded. "Alright."

Sir Nathan looked back at the map. "Is that all?"

"Yeah." She turned away and looked up at the sky. "I hope this plan works..."

Maestro looked over at the fort as night was starting to fall then turned to one of the men near him.

"Has there been any attacks from the fort at all today?"

The man shook his head. "None at all, sir."

Maestro growled. "I don't like this. They must be planning something." He glanced over at the fort. "Tell everyone to get ready for battle. We're invading the castle tonight."

The man saluted him. "Yes, sir!" He turned and ran off into the camp.

Maestro turned and looked at the fort again. "Hopefully we'll catch them off guard."

Rosa looked up at the moon then over at the men loading stones into the six catapults.

She turned to Sir Wendell. "Is everything ready incase we need to retreat?"

He nodded. "Everything's in place."

She looked back at the catapults as all the stones were lit on fire then sent flying into the air.

Lee ran over to them. "The Turgas are coming! They're going to invade the castle!"

Rosa's eyes widened. "Oh no...We'll have to retreat!"

Sir Wendell turned to the bugler. "Sound the retreat signal!"

The bugler nodded and put the bugle to his lips. He played three descending notes then ran off to his horse.

All the men in the fort started running to their horses and Rosa, Sir Wendell, Lee, and the others followed suit.

Rosa swung herself onto her horse and grabbed the reins, slapping them against the horse's neck. The horse took off, heading for the gate.

The men posted there had already raised it and were getting on their horses as Rosa raced past.

She heard a loud noise and looked back to see that The Turgas had busted the doors down and were coming through the opening. She turned around and hit her horse's sides lightly with her ankles. The horse instantly responded, putting on a burst of speed.
She looked around for any signs of Lee, Sir Wendell, or the others but saw none. She sighed, hoping they had made it out alright.

As she reached the nearest town, she saw that everyone was gathered there and stopped.

Sir Wendell walked over. "Glad to see you made it out alright."

She nodded and got off, looking around. "Is everyone here?"

Sir Wendell sighed. "Everyone....execpt one."

Rosa saw all the fort's men and the knights in her troop.

Her eyes widened. "Lee isn't here....I have to go back and find him!"

She started to get back on her horse but Sir Wendell stopped her.

"Rosa, you know that isn't wise. The Turgas probably caught him. You'll get caught, too."

Rosa nodded. "May I have some privacy?"

Sir Wendell nodded and said to the others near them. "Give her some privacy."

He and the others turned and walked off.

Rosa sat down and her eyes started to tear up. "Lee...."

Maestro stood at the top of the fort, looking off into the distance. One of his men stepped forward.

"General, there's no one in the fort. They all escaped but we did manage to catch one."

Maestro blinked and turned around. "Where is he?"

The man motioned for the guards behind him to bring the man forward. "Right here."

The guards stepped forward, holding a man in light armor inbetween them.

Maestro smiled. "Good work." He leaned forward till he was looking the man in the eyes.

The man's face was bruised and he was bleeding down the side of his face from a wound on his head. "What's your name, son?"

The man flinched. "My name's Lee."


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Does anyone think I should continue writing this?


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You have to keep writing this, you have me hooked.


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astrofirefox9 wrote:
Does anyone think I should continue writing this?  

You should. I love reading your work. ♥


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Oh, please do! You should write a novel in the future. It'd do you good.


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Oh my, that was actually a good read. Please keep going! ♥

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W-wow! You shouldn't even think about stopping this is amazing! I promise!

T-that's all for now!


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Chapter 5

Rosa sighed as she rode her horse toward the castle, thinking about Lee. It had been two days since they had to retreat from the fort and Lee had gotten caught by the Turga. She and the others had been warning towns along the way about the Turga and were almost there.

Sir Wendell looked over at her and frowned then the castle came into view.

They stopped at the moat as one of the king's guards looked down at them.

"Who goes there?"He yelled.

Rosa yelled, "The Princess, her troop, Sir Wendell, and his men!"

The guard nodded and turned around. "Let the bridge down and open the gate!"

The bridge was lowered and the door opened. Rosa and the others rode into the castle and got off their horses. A stable hand came over to take her horse and led the horse to the stable.

She ran into the castle's main hall and ran up to the throne. She bowed and looked up at her father.

"I have bad news, Father."

The king frowned. "What is it?"

Rosa sighed. "The Turga have captured the main Eastern fort."

The king nodded. "Anything else?"

Rosa looked down. "They captured Lee...."

The king got up and walked over to her, putting an arm around her. "Rosa...It's not your fault..."

Rosa's eyes teared up. "I could of made sure he made it out...I could of waited and rode beside him..."

He shook his head. "They might of caught you, too."

She looked up at him. "Father, what should I do?"

He sighed. "The only thing you can do right now is wait."

She nodded. "May I be excused?"

He nodded and let her go. "Yes."

Rosa walked out of the main hall and up the stairs to her room.

One of the servants came in and helped her take off her armor then walked out.

She sat down on her bed as her eyes teared up again then looked out the window. "I hope you're okay, Lee..."

Maestro was looking through the papers on the commander's desk as one of his men walked in.

The man saluted him and said, "Sir, permission to speak?"

Maestro looked up. "Yes."

The man put his hand down. "We've tried to get the prisoner to tell us any vital information but he won't speak. No matter what we do."

Maestro frowned and got up. "Then it's my turn to try."

The man lead him down to the small dungeon below the fort.

Maestro walked over to the prisoner.

Lee was chained to the wall and had bruises all over him. The left side of his face was swollen. He looked up at Maestro.

Maestro looked him in the eyes. "So, you won't tell us anything, Lee?"

Lee looked at him. "I'm not telling you anything."

Maestro grinned. "We'll see."

Oliver knocked on the door of Rosa's room. "Lady Rosa, your father requests you come downstairs for the council about the Turga."

"Okay. I'll be down in a few minutes."

Oliver replied, "I'll let your father know." He turned and walked downstairs.

Rosa got up and opened the door, walking out. She closed the door behind her and walked downstairs.

As she entered, her father, the general of the royal army, and Sir Wendell were standing infront of a table that had the map of the area of the main Eastern fort and a map of the main Eastern fort on it. Oliver was also there standing on the left of Sir Wendell.

She cleared her throat and all of them looked up. Her father smiled. "I'm glad you're here to join us, Rosa. I'm sure Oliver told you what the council was about."

She nodded. "He did."

The general smiled and nodded. "Always nice to see you, Rosa."

Rosa nodded and smiled. "Same to you, Sir John."

General John had brown eyes and black hair and was wearing a brown tunic, black pants, and black boots. He was a good general because of his kind nature but knew when to discipline soldiers.

Rosa walked over to the table and took a look at the two maps. "Have you come up with anything?"

King Luke answered," We've come up with some ideas."

Sir Wendell sighed. "We could try taking the fort back with force but we have no idea if reinforcements for the Turga are on the way, if they're even coming, or if reinforcements are already there."

Sir John stroked his chin. "We'll have to send someone to investigate."

King Luke looked at Sir John. "Who will we send though?"

Sir Wendell spoke up, "Maybe it should be someone we trust personally."

King Luke nodded in thought then smiled and looked at Rosa. "Rosa could go."

Sir Wendell and Sir John agreed but then Sir John said with concern, "Will she be okay on her own though?"

King Luke frowned. "Well if Lee were here, he would go with her since he's her squire but the Turga have him as a prisoner."

Sir John spoke up, "There is the issue of how she'll infiltrate the fort."

"Hmm...Maybe it is best that someone goes with her," said King Luke.

Sir Wendell looked at King Luke. "Someone with the skills to do so could sneak into the castle and try to find out any information they can."

Sir John looked at both of them. "There is the Shadow..."

King Luke looked at Sir John. "The Shadow could be dangerous, Sir John."

Sir John replied, "Do we really have any other choice, your majesty?"

Oliver blinked. "Who is the Shadow?"

Sir John glanced at Oliver. "He's a well-known thief in this area. We've tried everything we can think of to catch him but he always escapes."

Sir Wendell looked at Sir John. "He sounds like the person for the job."

King Luke sighed. "But, can he be trusted? He's a criminal. How do we know he won't go and side with the Turga?"

Sir John suggested, " We can give him gold or something."

King Luke shook his head. "The Turga might offer him more than what we might give him."

Sir John rubbed his chin, thinking.

Rosa then thought of something. "What if you cleared him of all past charges, Father?"

Sir John smiled. "That sounds good."

Sir Wendell nodded. "I agree."

King Luke frowned, thinking.

Rosa went on, "Maybe I can find out why he steals and try to change it."

King Luke nodded. "Alright. We'll post announcements all over the village tomorrow. Council adjourned."

Sir Wendell and Sir John congratulated Rosa on her good idea and turned to walk off to their rooms. Oliver turned and followed Sir Wendell.

King Luke turned to look at her and smiled. "Good job, Rosa."

Rosa smiled back. "Thanks, Father."

"Go do something fun today. I'll go and have the announcement writers write those announcements up, "King Luke said.

Rosa sighed. "How can I have fun when Lee is a prisoner to the Turga?"

King Luke put a hand on her shoulder. "Why don't you go do something that will get your mind off it then? Once the Shadow agrees, you two can set off for the man Eastern fort."

Rosa nodded. "Alright...I'll go find something to do..."

King Luke gave her a comforting smile then turned and walked off to the announcement writers' room.

Rosa sighed again and turned to walk up the stairs to her room.

She thought to herself, "Hopefully the Shadow will agree and I can go save Lee..."

Maestro stood infront of Lee and grinned. "Oh really? I guess we'll have to hurt her then."

Lee frowned. "Hurt her? Hurt who?"

Maestro looked at Lee. "I'm sure you know who I'm talking about."

Lee thought to himself, " He couldn't mean Rosa. I saw Rosa riding way ahead of me.
Besides how would he know that I'm Rosa's squire or that..."

Maestro interrupted his train of thought, "It's your decision, Lee."

Lee's mouth tightened into a grim line. "I'm not telling you anything."

Maestro frowned. "That wasn't the best plan...I need to try something else..."

Maestro looked down at Lee, thinking. "I'll think of something later."

Maestro turned toward the doorway and exited. "I'll attend to him later. Make sure he has no chance to escape.

The guards saluted him. "Yes, sir!"

Maestro walked to the stairs and started going up them. "Hopefully I'll think of something later...."


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Author's Note: Hey, guys. Sorry I haven't updated for a while. I finally finished another chapter. I actually forgot that I had started ch. 6 till I opened up the story and read through some of it. Don't be afraid to reply in the post if you want. I'm open up to suggestions or you can just comment on the chapter or whatever. Feel free to say what you want. You can even message me ideas if you want. Well, here's ch. 6.

Chapter 6

Clangs echoed through the courtyard as Rosa slashed and hacked at the armor covered dummy infront of her. She had been practicing almost all day, taking breaks periodically throughout that time. She stopped and lifted the visor of her helmet, panting.

"Getting a good workout?"

Rosa turned rapidly to see who the unexpected person was. It was only Oliver. She sighed and walked over to a bench. She laid her sword and shield down beside it then sat down.

"You like scaring people?"She said, taking off her helmet.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

Oliver walked over and sat down beside her.

Rosa looked down at the ground. "It's okay."

Oliver looked at her. "You've got good moves."

Rosa didn't look up. "Thanks."

Oliver looked at the dummy. "You miss Lee?"

Rosa looked at him. "Yea. He's my squire."

Oliver looked back at her. "Are you sure he's not more than that to you?"

Rosa sat up straight and looked at Oliver. "He's only my squire and that's all."

She got up, grabbing her sword and shield. She put the sword in its scabbard and strapped the shield to her back then grabbed her helmet. She turned and walked out of the courtyard.

Oliver sat there and watched her leave. "Okay then...."

Lee sighed and looked around the prison cell he was in. He tried pulling on the chains again, but they held and there was no rust on them. He looked at the door of the cell. It was made of wood but was reinforced with iron. Even if he managed to break free of the chains and open the door, the two guards outside out of the door would be on him in minutes. He put his head in his hands. How am I going to get out of here…

His thoughts went to Rosa and he could picture her smiling at him and the sparkle in her green eyes when she was happy. He smiled.

Suddenly, the door opened and Lee looked up. He sighed. It was Maestro. He had been beaten and threatened multiple times, but he hadn’t give Maestro any information. What would he try now?

“What are you going to do today, General?”

Maestro looked down at him and made a grimace. “Nothing. I’m just going to keep you as a hostage. I’m sure the king will want one of his loyal men back.”

Lee frowned.

Maestro smirked. “Have a good day, Lee.”

He turned and walked out, the door closing behind him.

Lee sighed and leaned back against the wall. He knew Rosa would try and save him, but he didn’t want her getting hurt. Please be careful, Rosa…

Rosa was sitting in a chair between her father and mother, thinking about Lee. She sighed and put her chin in her hands. The Shadow hadn’t come forward to help and she couldn’t do anything till he did. Did he just not care about getting his crimes forgiven?

Her father looked at her with a sad look and was about to say something when a knight ran in. “Your Majesty! Your Majesty! The Shadow is here!”

King Luke looked at the knight. “Please bring him in.”

The knight nodded. “Yes, your majesty.” The knight turned and motioned to the guards at the door.

Rosa lifted her head and leaned forward, placing her hands on the arms of her chair.

A teenage boy with black hair and blue eyes walked in. He was wearing brown pants and shoes with a blue tunic. You could tell he was a peasant because of the condition of his clothes. He also had a brown backpack on his back. He walked forward till he reached the foot of the steps that led to the throne and kneeled down.

“I am the Shadow, Your Majesty.”

King Luke nodded. “Welcome to the castle, Shadow.”

The boy nodded and King Luke studied him for a minute.

"What is your name, son?"
The boy looked up. "My name is Alex, Your Highness."

King Luke nodded, stroking his beard thoughtfully.

"Do you know why we posted those announcements?"

Alex shook his head. "No, sir."

The king put his hand down. "I'm sure you've heard about the recent Turga invasion of the main Eastern fort. One of our men was captured while retreating and we're going to save him. Do you see why you were wanted here?"

The boy nodded. "Yes, sir."

King Luke stood up and walked down the steps to him. He offered him a hand.

"Please stand up, Alex"
Alex took the offered hand and stood up. King Luke motioned for Rosa to come forward and she obeyed. "Alex, this is my daughter, Princess Rosa. But, you may call her Rosa."

Alex bowed his head toward her. "Nice to meet you, Rosa."

Rosa smiled. "Nice to meet you, too."

King Luke smiled. "You two will journey to the main Eastern fort and sneak into it to save Lee. You'll leave tomorrow morning."

Alex and Rosa nodded.

"Rosa, will you please escort Alex to a room?" King Luke asked.

Rosa nodded. "Yes, Father."
She turned and walked up the stairs, Alex following behind her. They walked up to the same level her room was on and walked down to the end of the hall.

"This is your room," She said, motioning to the door.

Alex nodded. "Thank you."

Rosa smiled. "I'll leave you be so you can get comfortable and prepare. There's some clothes in the armoire if you need any. My room is four doors away on the opposite side if you need me."

She turned and walked to her room, opening the door then closing it. She walked to the window and looked out at the beautiful scenery. "We're coming to save you, Lee."


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I love it Very Happy awesome work as always <3 need more now x3

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