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Aeria: Product Manager
03 Oct 2012
United States
PostedNov 28, 2012 12:11 am

[Promotion] Limited Time Recharge Bonuses!

Only on November 28th

Limited Time Recharge Bonuses!
Only on November 28th, 2012!

Limited time offer, only today! Top up during the event to win great rewards!

During the event, players single top up to win ☆ Angelic Arm ☆☆Muramasa, Lv5 Energy Stones and More!

Top up 1500 coins: Practice Pill Lv1 x2, Energy Stone Lv3 x3
Top up 3000 coins: Practice Pill Lv1 x5, Energy Stone Lv4 x3
Top up 9000 coins: Practice Pill Lv1 x9, Energy Stone Lv4 x7
Top up 15000 and above coins: Practice Pill Lv2 x3, Energy Stone Lv5 x3, Romance Ring +1 (7days bound)

Accumulated Rewards:
(1) Top up a total of 15,000 Coins will get:
Happiness Ring+2 (15days bound)

(2) Top up a total of 35,000 Coins will get:
☆☆Muramasa(15days bound)

(3)Top up a total of 80,000 Coins will get:
☆ Angelic Arm(15days bound)

Once a tier is obtained, you will not receive the tier under it. This means if you earn a Muramasa, you will not get the Happiness Ring.
Please allow 5 - 7 business days to receive your prizes.
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