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13 Nov 2012
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PostedNov 25, 2012 12:49 pm

How could I find out my old account's email address?

Please help.
My old account was activated and ready to play.
I tried to log in but it won't let me.

I know my password is 100% right, and I know my username is correct.

I looked at the account's profile thinking it was still inactive but it seems
open and accessible.

It's a very old account and I don't remember my email, so if I could just
find out what it is I could send a pass_request and get this problem solved.
But I haven't had any luck.

I have tried contacting through Tickets but they just keep saying to
send a pass_request via email but it's useless for me since I don't remember
my email. Is there any other way I could solve this?

Please and thank you.


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05 Oct 2010
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PostedNov 25, 2012 12:53 pm
If you can't remember the e-mail address attached to your account, you need to go here and include as much of the following information as possible~

1) Your full name
2) The email attached to the account
3) An alternate email we may attach to the account (please make sure you have access to this email and it is NOT currently attached to any Aeria account)
4) Your IP address (WAN IP ADDRESS)
5) The Last time you logged onto the account
6) Character information (names of all the characters on the account along with the gear and levels)
7) Where you live
8) Any AP transactions you made with the account
9) The name of the account in question
10) What does the account name mean/ stand for?
11) Country of origin this account was created in.

If you can provide enough information to prove the account is yours, they will help you recover it. Good luck. o/

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