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30 Jul 2012
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PostedNov 22, 2012 4:35 pm

[New Feature] Hero Cultivation!

Many of you may be quite at sea about what to do after you have already recruited unparalleled red heroes and equip them with legendary gear. Or some of you just have special preference for growing your heroes gradually to a legend. Then this new feature will for sure catch your eyes.
This very thing I am going to introduce to you is the “Hero Cultivation” system.

With “Hero cultivation” system, you can either spend silver or gold to train a hero.
After a hero has been cultivated, he/she will possess better attributes with its strength enhanced.
The maximum attribute improvement a hero can obtain through cultivation is subject to this
hero’s level and quality. The better quality and higher level a hero is of, the higher attribute
improvement he/she can eventually acquire.

Now let me show you how to access this interesting feature.

Enter the Hero interface and select “Cultivation” Tab.

1. Normal cultivation only costs you silver. Although it is not as effective as advanced cultivation
in terms of the attribute bonus it can brought to your hero, it is still a good choice.
2. Advanced cultivation provides your hero with higher chance for better attribute bonus than normal cultivation. However, you have to spend gold for such an advantage.
3. The silver and gold cost in Normal cultivation and Advance cultivation will increase with your heroes’ leveling up.
4. It will be more and more difficult for you to get even better attribute bonus with the progress of hero cultivation. Every time you cultivate a hero, you can choose to remain the status of your hero unchanged or save the changes.
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