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25 Jun 2011
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PostedOct 13, 2012 11:24 pm

New Player Retention

How to keep it
(1) Increase amount of gold players level 1-50 can get from monsters and quests to a degree that half of there level apropiate gear can be upgraded to max by in-game means-without AP Baught.

(2) Increase Experience Players Level 1-30 can get from monsters and quests to a degree that Players;

Lv1 reach lv15 in an hour since thats how long it takes for a Plvl to reach it.(faster with a good power leveler)

Lv16 reach Lv30 in 8 hours since thats how long it takes for a Plvl to reach it.(faster with a good power leveler)

Lv30-50 could use a slight increase in expeience gained.

Lv50-60 needs major experienced gained the maps at that level get boring grinding because the quests are to far and few with little gain for my effort.

(3) 1-15 & 20-30 PVP still need an alternate CAPPED zone for new players regardless of the can't/won't do it response you recieved.

(4) Place NPC's/quest givers with more informative info on maps 1 and 2 that can tell you how to;advise on lapis, linking, enchanting, places to find gear for their level, who to talk to next and where they are with a mini map on there quest pannel so they don't get lost, warnings in a quest when you have to leave your map to continue your quest;

When done on map 1 the new guy should have 1 lapis linked, 1 enchantment, 1 full suite of gear, Visited the item mall in game got an item for AP that was given to them when they started, visited the item mall website got an item from there using the ap that was given to them for free, placed an item on the AH board, recieved either their item back or the gold from their sell from the AH board, learned about PVP, Fought in 1 PVP battle, sent in 1 ticket to the staff, received a response, learned about guilds, looked at the guild npc list of guilds, killed 1 dungeon boss by themselves, and Finaly killed 1 dungeon boss with a party.

(5) As soon as a new toon apears on the map have an NPC standing infront of them giving them some tips and some goodies, with the option to bypass the speach if they are not new to shaiya.



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06 Jun 2012
PostedOct 17, 2012 2:07 pm

New Player or new quiter?

I have played Shaiya for a few years now and have 5 accounts... and still do not have any toons past 62hm. Understandable AGE needs wants to make money in game AP use....but as a free game it cost more to play at a fair level that is does to pay a monthly fee for game play like on WoW.
Merg = good move but now all map areas are over crowded so who has best gear plays rest sit or log out.
PVP = to compete on any level it requires houndreds many houndreds of real dollars to compete at a normal level...again whom has best gear plays rest feed or log.
Maps = creating more maps would be a nightmare I got it Dev team....but a simple fix is make major "kill zones" in to instanced zones....this reduces the over population issues and with the saved servers from the merg you can put each map on it own server for latency improvements.

encoding to releive these game play discomforts is relativly easy to implace and the system is already in place to adopt it.

simply put new players and not all players are heavey cash crops and play to dump tons of cash in to a game so the game play is not fun for them and in result you lose account holders.

more happy players = more chances to gain cash crops. noone wants over crowded gear required games. sorry if this is long. but this 4 year account holder is also contemplating moving to a new game in place of this one that is very quickly losing my interest due to the required amount of cash required to play on a fair level.


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09 Mar 2008
Tampere Finland
PostedOct 21, 2012 1:24 pm

boosting new players

- 3x exp at maps 1-2
- 2x exp at map 3
- new quests at those maps
- more exp from quests
- lots more gold from quests
- lvl cap bac to EP3 model


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12 Sep 2008
Adelaide Australia
PostedNov 20, 2012 8:16 pm
Having played this game since EP3 I believe the problem is obvious.

The cost of playing as increased to the point that unless you buy AP you cannot make ends meet. The guild I am in was formed to try and help new players find their feet by passing my knowledge onto them in ways of making gold ingame.

However, just as people start to make money to buy gear*prices go up and they just give up and quit for good.

Since the servers have merged there are a number of problems.

1/ More population means harder for people to get high level and strong enough to farm anything worthwhile. (suggestion) make a non-pvp map similar to pando for 60-70 grind with exp lower than VR.

2/ More population means bigger raids (often 2 raids) at bosses that have same number of drops as when servers were 4 and lower population. This means the items increase dramatically in value and are out of reach of the average player. (suggestion) if a boss drops 2 items of value now, increase this by 2 and put more of the items into game.


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22 Feb 2012
United Kingdom
PostedDec 19, 2012 3:02 am

bullying and kill stealing

bad game ethics
i have on quite a few occasions had the misfortune to experience being bullied out of a place i was playing and also had people steal the kills,i believe this is a reportable issue but that shaiya will continue to allow it as neither are an offence requiring the player/s to be chastised , so how are you going to make the game more enjoyable for my friends and i whilst this is becoming more frequent, because this is not making the game very pleasurable for us, a group of frustrated players.
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