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Aeria: Product Manager
23 Dec 2006
United States
PostedNov 20, 2012 2:58 pm

DK Online has arrived on Aeria Ignite!

Play to win free items and AP!

DK Online has arrived on Aeria Ignite! Check out the website here!

Download DK Online and start playing today to receive special items just for Aeria Ignite players!

Achieve level 20 for 200 AP!

***Updated 12/10/2012***

Special Items:

    Shaiya Click me
    • Small Sun EXP Stone

    Last Chaos Click me
    • +28 Platinum Refining Stone (24 Hours)

    Eden Eternal Paid
    • Auric Jewel
    • Iris Jewel
    • CP Charm II
    • Loot Charm II

    Wolf Team Paid
    • Special Edition Character (1 Day) Mystery Box

    Soldier Front Paid
    Weapon Bomb (1 Try) Mystery Box:
    • Cutie M4A1
    • EVL_MP5
    • Engraving FN Fal

Items and AP will be paid out 7-10 business days after Closed Beta Ends.  

Download and begin your journey today!

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