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26 Apr 2010
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PostedNov 20, 2012 2:17 pm

Re: @Everyone acting differently because the GS post

Gary_SF wrote:
I don't understand this...

If all of the people who applied, wanted to be a GS so badly; then why is it you ONLY act so civil and angelic during the time of these GS "nominations"/"applications". To be honest, I'd like to say that everyone, and ANYONE making too big of a deal about this and acting differently because there is a slight chance you could be chosen as a GS, should never b one.

I'm sick of seeing two-faced people. If you truly feel like you deserve GS; DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT start acting differently just because an application thread has been posted.

I personally haven't been doing much on the forums, which is why I don't think I personally should even apply for the position.

TL;DR? - Stop being fake to have a chance at GS, it's sickening and showing the true colors of this community...  

I fully agree with this post, and would also like to add:

Do people really think the GM's won't notice that someone has only just popped up, or has only just started to be unbearably, annoyingly helpful? If you genuinely want to be a GS, act like it all the time, not once you put an app up. The GM's aren't stupid, an they can tell who is being genuine and who's jut putting on a show for the application process.
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