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24 Jun 2011
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PostedNov 19, 2012 3:56 pm

The Situation in Wolfteam

Hello Superman, I hope you reply back to this message. Lately in Wolfteam there is corruption and lack of attention. First of all, hackers who are high rank and use AP do not get banned . I reported someone with clear evidence of walling and he still walks around, they told me they would take appropriate action.Letting someone go because they spend AP is appropriate action? You said not special treatment for them but they are getting that.

Also ever since Memphis left, these new PM do not do much compared to everything Memphis do. They do not respond to the community , they do not care. Hackers have been here for 2 weeks ,4 hackers in every room at one point. NO patch. Superman what is going on in this company that we as a community are ignored and just left alone? I tried contacting by email and everything and no help.Please do look into this , this is just plain wrong.I hope you read this because we need help. Talk to the GM's and PM's , what exactly is going on? I am a Aeria customer and a member of the Wolfteam community. Look at out forums posts and such.

Players with AP get away with harrasing GS's . I saw this and there is proof. Oh but they do not care, they spend AP they get perm ban off in 2 hours after insulting a GS, harrasing and shouting publicly in game insults to a GS. Ask GS prodigy , look at the reports you will see , the situation in Wolfteam is very bad. However no one cares, no one does anything. Ever since Memphis left we are left alone. What is going on?
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