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09 Sep 2012
PostedNov 19, 2012 1:49 pm
zReflex wrote:
Johnny.Depp wrote:
I didnt actually care about the glitch, it was a one time thing. But we played another freedom-game the day after, and the lack of respect for the basic rules of FG were surprising to me.
Especially from someone who spends alot of his playing time complaining about the way other people play. Enyway, if the basic rules of FG is not followed, for example: No nades in C, no AP guns (even if gifted, come on seriously..) Then i dont see why we should even have these kinds of rooms. Respect for the other players are the basics of FG (atleast thats what i thought it was).  

I only came to that FG room cuz people kept spamming me.
I didn't felt like playing seriously, so i went trolling Razz
Xem 8 WT MC is just the same as Xem 8 WT (i didnt upgrade anything of it).
+come on, gifted gun = no ap gun <--- Trolling.  

If you dont feel like following the rules, maybe you shouldn't come to a FG-game. People join these rooms FOR the rules, and expect like-minded to join and do the same.
And just saying, I would NEVER spam you to join a FG-game if i made one ^^
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