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30 Jul 2012
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PostedNov 18, 2012 1:33 pm

The Legend Comes to Life! Introducing the McLaren F1 Elite!

Because this McLaren F1 Elite is such a truly special car we’ve asked Mike Hayes of the Need for Speed World Cars team to tell the community about it in his own words!

The McLaren F1 Elite was developed as an evolution of the F1 design itself. Unlike our other Elite edition cars, this car has a deep history and pedigree. It’s not just well known, but is not to be tampered with.

This car was created to be the ultimate evolution of the ultimate drivers car. The kit design takes the original F1, stretches it out at the nose and tail. At the corners, widened haunches increase stability and the vents in the fore and aft sections pull high pressure trapped air from beneath the car and in the wheel wells.

In the middle, the roof mounted air inlet has been dramatically increased to feed a much larger volume of air to the heavily tuned BMW sourced engine. Up front there is a large diffuser directing air past the elongated nose. (A tow hook hides beneath, in case of off road adventures at speed)

At the rear, the integrated lip spoiler is paired with a large rear mounted carbon GT wing. In the interests of weight and aero, the exhausts now exit through the top surface of the rear (to spectacular effect!)

Once the design was completed, it was sent to McLaren for approval. Their approval means a lot to those of us on the car team, as we hold McLaren (and all manufacturers) in very high regard!

They didn’t ask for a single change. They approved it as it, first pass!

The car has several more subtle features, such as the exclusive “ELITE-F1” license plate, neon and livery. Vinod added his usual touches to the car, completing the 3D model, customizing the interior and also added Falken branding on the tire sidewalls as well!

Once you hear the raspy race engine and exhaust note added by Joel, you’ll know that this is a car apart.

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