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19 Oct 2012
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about ap code cheat zerkboi

10:45am sunday in india
zerkboi level 24 archer
sold me ap code which was invalid
and is cheating all over hardly i made 800g from 5 months
he took away all plz hlp me
i would b very thank full if i would get my golds back and he gets banned
i told gs they told me to report
i hope you plz hlp me name stoppy real name (Au.Daniiel Sarhan)
he promises he gives me 2 morow but if hi doesent
he is a scammer but finally gav back my gold ty ty ty


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28 Jan 2012
Boston United States
PostedNov 17, 2012 11:51 pm
Okay sounds like you've just been scamed . I don't know what GS told you this but.
In event that your AP scam on either side of trade(giving or getting gold) you can't per se report that person for it. Selling/Buying AP codes is just a liability on yourself, that's why you should only sell/buy from trusted sellers/buyers. If you aren;t sure, don't take the risk. If others never heard of them/not sure, don't take risk.
If you even attempt a report against them you need evidence (screenshots, videos).also 800g is barely of any AP worth. Sorry about lost of your gold but you live and you learn mate
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