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25 Feb 2012
PostedNov 12, 2012 11:16 am

20-30 canta mage UM skills

please can some1 tell me what skills i need take for canta? [UM mage]


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22 Dec 2009
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PostedNov 15, 2012 8:19 am
Skills are kinda dependent on the player and their style But I can tell you the ones I find most useful in Canta pvp.

On the Basic Skills tab:

  • Magic Arrow is basically ur auto attack...its the skill you will use most often so max it
  • Magic Roots Helps slow down ur target long enough for you to catch up and maybe get in a few more shots. People know how to pot this quick so it only slows them for a second.
  • Protective Aura is a must for obvious reasons.

On the Combat Skills Tab:

  • Fire Thorn just add that in with ur buffs
  • Fire Wall, Earth Strike and Storm max these...these skills r instant no target aoe's which will help you when being ganged and for causing a lot of damage to players around you in close combat.
  • Mana Leech is somewhat useful when running low on mana, I love stealing mp from fury Very Happy
  • Earthquake is like roots, allows u to slow you target to catch up to or for ur fellow pvpers to pounce on.
  • Chain Lightning also slows ur target, not a must but is useful. (I don't use this often but its nice to have)
  • Impending isn't a must and really wont work on any of the "ubers" but might help you gain a kill once and a while. I hardly ever use this skill anymore. However! it is useful in keeping those sins from stealthing, so is good to have on hand.
  • Missile Salvo, nice dmg aoe and its pretty Smile (I don't use this often but its nice to have)

On the Special Skills Tab:

  • Cosmic Kinesis ..buff nuff said. Max it
  • Enfeeble ..Max it, very useful if you don't have many ele weps and to help bring down the hard to kill players on the opposite faction.
  • Emergency Recharge... Max it
  • Conversion goes hand in Hand with Health Pact...max both(if u ever lvl out keep Health pact at lvl 2 because it only uses ur mp) When u use Health Pact u can use Conversion to gain more mp, kinda like a self heal. This works best when Emergency Recharge is active, then u can spam Conversion.
  • The last remaining AoE's I dont personally use in pvp. I dont usually have time to wait for the cast time and can usually cause more dmg with just Magic Arrow and/or the no target aoe's.

My list will differ from other mages because of play style but I hope this helps you in choosing skills.

Hope to see you in Canta!

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