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22 Apr 2011
PostedNov 14, 2012 3:48 pm

Warlock - How is this class meant to be played?

I think I missunderstood this class
Hiya everybody.

In this post I want to talk about the WL class and get some ideas about how this class was meant to be played.

Here I go...

Well, I started playing Eden Eternal about 2-3 weeks ago. I loved the class change system even though I hated playing healing classes and found melee classes to be pretty boring. I quickly decided that I would try to use the MDPS classes. While mage was a nice start and fun with its AOE I quickly grew tired of it...I then got Illu but didnt find it very entertaining cause it doesnt have much offensive spells.
So, I finally made it to Warlock class and I expected it to be the following:

A MDPS class that is focused (limited) on 1vs1 situations. Highly damaging DoTs, but not many strong direct hit skills. A feared opponent in PvP situations.

Warlock started out pretty weak...but at about level 50 it started to become much more fun...even though I was very disappointed about the level 50 skill Plague Carrier.

With that said I want to explain what confuses me about warlock. While everything I will write might have allready been explained quite a few times I still want to discuss it as I think this kinda silent board could need some communication.


Dark Parasite - I love this skill. Its instant cast, can remove a buff and if its stacked the damage is really nice.

Shadow Arrow - Well, even though the skill description makes it sound kinda useful I always find myself using Nightmare Attack a lot more. The 30% chance to gain HP doesnt trigger in the most critical it pretty much was no fun to use this.

Wicked Pact - Must need...not as usefull as I had expected...but okay.

Sacrifice - ..I hoped for a lot more M-CRIT Rate to get...

Nightmare Attack - Its nice...the cast time with a grimoire is good, the damage is nice, especially when combined with Dark Parasite to get a tripple hit ...but I always though it was just a double hit... Propably the best skill the class got...but the annoying part is the 2 second cooldown. Yes, the skill is strong..but a 2 second cooldown is what destroyed it for me. Illus Icicle skill has no cooldown and is the most evil skill in arena with low cast time ...but I somehow expected WL to have at least something kinda similar...but I just couldnt find anything.

Death Threats - Yay, frighten enemys...for a few seconds...but only below my current level... I hate this so much. So I can frighten enemies for 5 seconds while Illu can sleep enemies for 30(?) seconds and cast DoT all over fair..

Blood Conversion - People say its a rly weak skill...and it kinda is...the HP regenaration is not much, but I mostly play solo (as nobody wants to team with a WL anyway) so, its usefull enough for me

Plague Carrier - When I made it to level 50 I was so excited for this skill. I wanted it to be the solution for situations with a lots of mobs. I would just let them hit me and they would get the dark parasite buff...sounded like a gret plan and I really thought it would work out...but the damage is a joke and nothin else. My level 51 Dark Parasite does about 220DMG a, 660DMG when stacked three times. A level 30 Plague carrier does bout 30DMG a stack..seriously? I made it to level 50 WL just to get such a tuned down version of the first skill the class gets? The damage is laughable..and the WORST thing for me is that its not a additional DoT effect but just the SAME as dark, gettin two DoT stacks on the enemy doesnt work...I was really confused about this.

Thats all the skills I got to try, but I dont feel the need to try the last skill anyway as it will propably dissapoint again.

So, besides 2 or 3 skills I dont think any are worth it...but, I could live with that if I could somehow maximze my DoT...and here comes the next problem.

DoT skills are NOT affected by MATK, so no matter what you do (besides one Talent) the damage will stay the same. All WLs will do the same DoT if their level is the same. I had hoped to find some class trophys or anything that would increase the skills strength at least...but such a thing does not exist.

Okay, I hoped I could at least overcome this by getting some nice equip, such as capes and rings that have a 5% chance to decrease enemys HP for the next few seconds or a effect to deal damage for a few more seconds...basicly a additional DoT.

Now a new problem arises...the casting of my (single targeted) DoT can not trigger the effect. I am fine that not every "tick" of the DoT can trigger the effect, but even the initial casting of the skill can not trigger the effect.

As warlock I was nearly always in the situation to simply keep the DoTs alive on the enemy in the arena (enemys on the field often die in 1 hit) and maybe cast a few times in between. But those casts of single targeted skills that actually deal damage are not enough to trigger the effects enough. Another way to increase my damage output with DoT was shattered.

And now the kinda old topic bout Gimoires.

Warlock was meant to use grimoires...else it wouldnt get the cast speed bonus with grimoires....but grimoires suck... they just suck. Staffs are better in every aspect as far as I can tell.

I checked the awakened Grimoire on the official wiki and was happy to finally see a usefull gimoire...with its +25% MCRIT Rate increase it seemed really awesome...but then people told me (and the ingame description did so too) that ts just MCRIT Damage...I am allready at 2.90 MDMG and would easily hit the cap, the awakened grimoire isnt worth it either.

I guess even though this class has a great concept the actual gameplay mechanisms destroys all this.

I might be whining actually and I am really really disappointed...but I am not ready to give up just yet. There is propably some way to have some fun in the arena and there must be a way to be different from other warlocks and effective enough so people actually dont yell at you in trials for beeing a warlock (yes, this DID happen to me a few times!).

So, I am now asking you guys to either yell at me and bash me for beeing such a noob and that I should have informed myself earlier and such or actually give me some advices...that would be pretty nice.

I dont even plan to just let you tell me whats the best way to go, I will show you what I did so far and that I might have messed up and that its my own fault that the class seems to suck for me.

Here is all I can provide:

I know I dont use any gems or such, but my plan was not to invest to much time into getting great equip unless I hit level 60+ (I am level 57 right now).

I hope we can get a discussion going and I hope some people can share their warlock experiences here.

Thank you in advance Smile


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17 Mar 2011
PostedNov 14, 2012 5:01 pm
I don't main mdps, but I like to play (almost ) every class and I have all leveled and geared so I'll give my two cents for what they'r worth (I guess around 0.15$ Smile

DoTs in this game (and almost every RPG that allows weapon enhancement) can't keep up with the damage skills can deal, so they are not effective in PVP (unless against high eva/block classes) or against trash mobs (that's why WL are unwanted in trials); in limited cases they can be good against bosses, but mainly to help with break (parasite for dark break bosses).

For this reason me (and most WL I know) don't play warlock as debuffer, but as high crit singletarget mdps.
Wicked Pact: summon gives the opponet it hits a debuff that makes it get 25% more mcrit dmg
Tribute : Gives you a lot of mcrit and reduces by 25% your dmg (I assume pdmg but not tested). Start your combat with tribute already active and the summon. Let the summon hit for the debuff, then when summon it's dying or tribute is wearing off, tribute again. at lvl 65 it gives 273 mcrit rate points (50% more than the proc of lvl 65 hecate staff).
Nightmare Attack: Main damage skill , I use it everytime it's not in CD when in cooldown I use firebomb
Dark Parasite: I mainly use to proc the extra damage of Nightmare Attack, start the boss fight with 1, when it's about to disappear I restack and so on.
Death Threats: Aoe Fear. If u plan to make a PvP warlock you definitively want this skill maxed and KPed. 5 sec of aoe fear (7 with KP) can really change an arena match. Downside is that it only works on players whose lvl is below skill lvl.
Wild Shout: Party Mattk buff can stack to a pretty nice amount (around 4200 at 60) still it doesn't compensate the lack of AOE skills so it doesn't make it more welcome when cleaning trash mobs in Trials
Plague Carrier: I seldom use this; basically it saves you the trouble of casting dark parasite, and still get the doublehit on Nightmare
These are the only skills I use (well except fear that I didn't level yet).

As for KP I have mcrit dmg (enough to reach 3.00), 15 in mcrit rate rest in Int (you better ask for KP to someone that mains Mdps).

Accessories: I use mainly Mattk procs, cast speed procs, and mcrit procs. You can use doublehit and triple hit procs if u like to 1hko ppl

Of course stick with the class you like more, but I think you should give another try to illusionist: triple hit damage makes it really scary (I've seen illu in arena 1hko ppl of the same level), needed in every trial for MP regen and cast spd buff), they can go invisible, they can sleep (sleep + winterchill x3 + wait + icycle can kill almost everyone in 1v1 duel=), and at lvl 60 they have aerolite (aoe knockdown)


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21 May 2011
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PostedNov 14, 2012 6:12 pm

This is arguably the strongest AoE class in the game. It rips through ranks and decimates enemies with such reckless abandon that people learn to fear well geared Mages like the plague. On top of being able to destroy really hard with AoE, it has decent single target dps due to specializing in Staves, the strongest weapon for magic (both in the past and currently). It has the ability to buff for 3 types of elemental damage which combined with AoE makes all of your proc effects activate very fast and in unison since each elemental damage counts as a hit and each enemy hit is registered towards this chance of activation. It has a defensive buff to increase survivability and an instacast lightning attack which can be boosted in several ways to make it a great finishing skill or for eliminating a threat that is too close.


Illusionist is a major pain in PvP and a very, very solid attacker in a dungeon setting. It is notable for its Sleep skill which lasts for 8 full seconds if the target is undisturbed and hits a wide area when casted. This leaves foes vulnerable to DoT for a time and allows one to isolate players to take down in Arena while the others watch on helplessly. Its Deadly Icicle is a truly overpowered skill. It can 1-hit players in Arena even with boosted HP (I took a 57k crit from an Illusionist just today and was dropped within 12 seconds of the 10v10 round starting) and it causes major damage in single target due to its spammability. This works really well in dungeons too; the danger is stealing aggro from tank at inopportune moments if too much damage is inflicted. At lower levels, the skill might be unappealing due to lower Cast Speed, but past level 60 this becomes a non-issue when you instacast everything. This is especially true of Illusionist due to its Stimulation buff which increases Atk Speed and Cast Speed. This coupled with infinite MP from Mind Surge make Illusionist an always wanted class for both PvP and PvE. To top it off, at level 60, it gets access to a powerful AoE that Knocks Down everything in range (causes all foes to take 50% more damage while incapacitated). Knock everything down, toss a few damage skills, cast Sleep on everything to finish them off one by one. No problem here.


Probably the least used M-DPS class due to filling a very specific niche. It does the highest damage in a single attack of any of the magic classes, but it needs setup and isn't as spammable as Mage's Snow Storm or Illusionist's Deadly Icicle. However, it hits like a nuclear warhead especially if the pet's debuff is active and Warlock can inflict massive amounts of damage on a single target. The downside to Warlock is that it has no AoE utility and the standard "screw-tank's-aggro" syndrome which is shared by other members of the M-DPS branch. Also, once your pet is downed by a boss's AoE, the bonus damage inflicted by that is gone. You can't buff for M-Crit Rate more than once during combat (decreasing the skill's usefulness in extended fights). However, Warlock does get two skills that offer heals though they have drawbacks such as activating by chance or costing your pet health. Plague Carrier is meant as a dare skill; if the opponent attacks, they run the risk of being countered by Nightmare Attack. However if they deal high damage, they have little to fear from this since Warlock is generally squishy. Building for Eva and Parry can somewhat mitigate that, but it, obviously, costs some offensive ability to do. This means the best place for Warlock is either supported in a TW/GvG party where it's meant to pick off enemies in the chaos where other players are distracted or as part of a dungeon party full of other high dps players so it can end the fight as fast as possible. And for whatever this counts for, it is the only class to be able to break a boss for Dark damage.


Are Mage and Illusionist generally more useful than Warlock? Yes. Is Warlock useless? Nope. It's just needed only at bosses and in team PvP (the more chaotic the better so that you don't get singled out first; people are attracted to healing animations like moths to a flame). I suggest you train Mage, Cleric, Illusionist, and Shaman in addition to Warlock to get access to all the certificates you need. Warlock may be difficult to level, but Shaman is downright painful, though seeing as how you've pulled through with a Warlock for as long as you did, you probably do well spamming dungeons.


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19 Apr 2010
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PostedNov 14, 2012 8:36 pm
I leveled to get to warlock and then was heavily disappointed, im only leveling it to get my lvl 60 skill and achievement, and certificate. Im only to lvl 50 with it Sad 10 more useless levels to go


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27 Jul 2012
Disneyland, US United States
PostedNov 14, 2012 8:38 pm
Warlock was pretty OP during level 55 Cap since Illusionist doesn't have aerolite. Now, warlocks are seldom use in arena.

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