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13 May 2011
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PostedNov 13, 2012 3:36 pm

Sejennraiey, the Mysterious Assassin

So, I got bored enough to start working on this. Thank you for reading in advance.

Sejennraiey, the Mysterious Assassin
Siwa Island, 6th July

The only thing Sejennraiey’s brain could register was hunger. Stretching out with a yawn, he got up and looked out of his window after opening the curtains. The gleaming sunlight reflected off his fire-red hair and golden eyes, which shone with life. After the daily routine of self-hygiene and finding something decent to wear, he headed downstairs for his breakfast.

“Mother, I'm awake! What’s for breakfast?” Sejennraiey called as he hurried down the stairs.

“I made your favourite, Seje. You know you can't resist pancakes with chocolate spread!” His mother replied happily, as Sejennraiey sat down happily and began to eat. He washed the meal down with some freshly-squeezed orange juice. “Don’t forget that Sage Babama wants you to visit him today.”

“I almost did, mother. Thanks for reminding me.” Sejennraiey told her, as he pulled on a red jacket. He ran out of the door, and off to Sage Babama's cottage.
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