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21 Jun 2010
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PostedNov 12, 2012 5:09 pm

[Event] Prism Pack Panic

Exchange AP for gold and get Inlay items!

The GM team dropped the Golden Age jewelry box! Rather than try to sort out the different prisms we have bundled them up with Impact Drills to make an Inlay pack! Exchange your AP for Gold and get your Inlay packs instantly, on top of the existing exchange bonuses!

Eligible Servers:
ALL Servers!!

Start Date 11.12.12 @ 9:00pm PST
End 11.14.12 @ 9:00pm PST


  1. Exchange AP in the following amounts 500,1k,3k,10k,20k.
  2. Recover your exchange bonus's from your mail.
  3. Use your new items with Legendary Blacksmith Robert under the "Add a Socket and Inlay" tab.
  4. This event is repeatable an unlimited amount of times.


Exchange AP in the amounts below!

500AP = 2x Inlay Pack

1000AP = 5x Inlay Pack

3000AP = 15x Inlay Pack

10,000AP = 50x Inlay Pack

20,000AP = 100x Inlay Pack

(You can exchange an unlimited amount of times during this promotion)

  1. You must exchange within the time frame to be counted!
  2. The items are non-stackable.
  3. To check your timezone check out this LINK

VIP gets you awesome bonus, exclusive hero gear, and even exclusive Epic Heroes!
CLICK HERE for more info!

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