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PostedAug 13, 2012 9:03 pm

FA-MAS G2 Modification Guide (Not Mk.3)

Possibly by DinoDude, I don't know. It was a Team Paragon/Famas member?
Unknown who the original author on the IJJI forums was, as I could not get the original post from Google's cache, instead a user named ShowKase on fanup has STOLEN many of the weapon guides WITHOUT giving CREDIT, so I don't remember who originally posted this.

Possibly by DinoDude, I don't know. It was a Team Paragon/Famas member

One of the most hated, possibly worst than any other gun in all versions of AVA, FA-MAS is actually better than that There
are many possibilitys of modifications, but before that, give it some though: Do you want to upgrade it from F1 to G2?

No, I'm not saying F1 is better than G2. But F1 got a great crosshair, nice manipulation, and a RoF sent from Hard. When you first
buy it, my best guess is that you did it for lulz, so just try it unmodded

Now, to the mods! Upgrading it to G2 will cost you 3k euros. With that mod alone, you'll jump from 25 bullets to 30 bullets per magazine.

General recommendations:

> Don't engage medium/long range with the FAMAS, unless you crouch, scope, and it is a surprise attack. Even so, getting near the enemy is a better idea.

> Aim for the head as soon as possible. Not only it's faster to kill, it's way more humiliating to your enemy Razz

> Burst all the time, even on close range, or you'll end up without bullets after 3 or 4 guys.

> Use the scope often, the RoF isn't decreased by using it, and it's pretty accurate.


There are 3 ways to mod FAMAS, as we'll see ahead, but before that we need to make the basic changes. This here are 100% necessary to make G2 the beast it's known of. So let's get it started!

Laser Sight: Accuracy +1, Mobility -1. Mobility isn't HALF as important as accuracy for FAMAS, as it is the worst among all other rifleman. Sacrifice that point with no regrets.

Dot (x2 HS): Accuracy +3. Not only the accuracy is necessary, the scope is way better than the stock one

Custom Recoil Stock: Stability +3. Gives you the best stability among the other stocks. Just like accuracy, stability is extremely necessary for FAMAS.

Now, to the specific mods:


I recomend it over all. Stability and accuracy are the worst among all rifleman, you kinda need that on a 80 RoF weapon. You'll need to buy...

Sharpshooter Barrel: Accuracy +2, RoF -1. C'mon, FAMAS RoF is a beast, -1 won't do much harm

Custom trigger:: Accuracy +2, RoF -1. Prior is stability/accuracy, keep that in mind.

Swap Grip: No stats, but it gives a better control over the weapon than the other grip.

In the end, your weapon should be like this. Enjoy!


First of all, this isn't my most recommended modification for FAMAS. It makes the FAMAS even more of a SMG than it already is. I've tryed it, and I feel the first one is better, but hey that's just me Once you turn it into G2, you'll need to buy:

Burst Barrel: RoF +2, Accuracy -1. It's the main change from my reccomended mod.

Veteran Trigger: Accuracy -1, Stability +2. Your prior this time is RoF, so keep it high.

Hard Grip: Stability +1. I was in doubt at this one, but I decided that a higher ROF needs a better control on the first shots other
than at the overall thing. Makes bursting the only way to make the weapon work (well).

It will be looking like this:


Sometime after this guide was originally created, FAMAS got awesomelly popular among pros and newbs and the image of worst weapon in AVA, created by those silly koreans in their votations, was recreated. Everyone now knows exactly how much FAMAS
is the best weapon ever, you can see for yourself here:

The Averager Boy is used in this video, and that's the reason why I'm putting this mods up. That and...:

Originally Posted by HaroldSax
I like to call it, Gyarados Delight. No explanation needed. It's the DRAGON MODIFICATION OF FRENCH DEATH, THE DMOFD!
So, to the mods!

Burst Barrel: RoF +2, Accuracy -1. SMG A GOGOGOGOGOGO!

Custom Trigger: Accuracy +2, RoF -1. Added up to the other mod, it will add RoF +1 and Accuracy +1, no points lost.

Swap Grip: No stats, but makes a faster weapon switch and a better control over the hole gun other than just the start of it, like
the Hard Grip.

It will be looking like this:

Enjoy this weapon! Is one of the hardest to master, but also the funniest and RAEG-generator one.

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27 Sep 2012
PostedSep 29, 2012 5:38 am
I believe it was by HaroldSax, don't recall if that's dinodude though.


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PostedNov 12, 2012 4:57 pm
I'm thinking it was harold as well, he was the one who came up with the famas idea IIRC haha

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