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13 Feb 2012
PostedOct 28, 2012 1:14 am

how do i play EE

lvl 45 knight here..please read
greetings guys, it me again for another quest of seeking enlightening advice really enjoying this game and as i level, im afraid that one day i realize i must have done these or that before actually moving to a higher level or moving to the next region. now im currently at avila volcano, and im well aware that lvl 45 onward is gonna be tougher. now here are my questions, please bear with me:

1. should i participate always in arena? (with all available classes i.e.)
2. do i need to raise all my fame? like region especially the ones from Aven? i am atm gaining fame from pyrowind for my tank (knight)
if so..which is better? gathering matts for the fame or turning in the monster essences i collected?
3. should i level all my available classes equally?

clearly i just want know a "path" in playing EE, i know we cant take all but what do you guys suggest? thank you


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23 Nov 2007
PostedOct 28, 2012 5:50 am
First off, its alot easier at the maps after golden plains to lvl up, cause you get repeatable quests you can do without a daily limit.

Now the answers for your questions:
1. Only go to arena if you enjoy it, yeah you get exp and cp from doing it (and extra from the recommended quests) but if you dont enjoy it, it will drain the fun playing EE.

2. You dont need to raise all the fame, most people only start raising aven fame when they need it. Aven fame is mostly used for crafting items (4k fame everywhere is needed if you want to craft all items 20-65), some use the items that are sold and at 65+ there is so called awakened weapons (and soon armors) where you need 16k fame for at one place (dont bother with it yet 60+ it is alot easier to make gold)
Materials are mostly cheapest way to get your fame, if you collect them yourself. Thoughts give often less fame for same amount of handing in and are mostly more expensive then the material used.

3. I would advice to lvl all your classes at one point, but it is better to focus on only a few classes and have them at/close to your lvl. Besides lvling up all classes means getting different branch skills, and that can be a costly business. I would advice to keep it at 1-2 branches and play with the classes you like. At higher lvls you can get cp easily to lvl up those other classes.


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22 Feb 2008
englewood United States
PostedNov 11, 2012 8:46 am


all i can say is stack.
alll of them xp and cp buffs

one from koss in aven.
fortune teller cp one in aven.
xp, and cp charm 1, found in guild towns.
the one from killing legion.
and once you have the money cp and xp II buffs, or azure charm thing.

legion one is a 30min buff, so make shur you have everything els set up before you activate that one.

then grind swarms of enemys (that coencide with easy repeatabes if possible) with your best aoe killing class.

for me and most others is engi.
iv seen people do it with bard and wiz to.

leveling will quickly become more of a mathematical chore, and less like playing a video game the farther you get =/

feel free to send me a msg if you need help with anything.

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