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18 Mar 2011
PostedNov 11, 2012 7:26 am

I couldnt disagree with you more buddy, and heres why, to increase a certain level in the sprite for a better rate, level 10 to 11 for example, you will need to use 100 mclays for 2% increase in the rate of a certain costume you want to get, you have spent anywhere from 10-200 mclays, depending on luck, and the level of your sprite, your chances will be increased, BUT you would have still used mclays, therefore, the prize would still be sold at a good price, a luckier person might be selling it cheaper, but thats simple economics.

I believe what you are trying to say, is MONOPOLY of clays + consumables + kuso's can not be done since MORE people will end up playing, more merchandise in the market.


As far as inflation goes, there are many reasons for it, and the abundance of merchandise simply is not one of the causes, remember as more people play clay and have better chances of winning consumables, the more competition there would be between players, and where there is competition to SELL consumables, you do not usually sell HIGHER than the other person, you sell CHEAPER.


That is also a lovely idea and can be put into good use no doubt ! Thank you !!
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