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24 Sep 2009
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PostedNov 10, 2012 11:35 pm

Can't see friends on Friends List

A Glitch?
I'm very new to Eden Eternal but so far I like it very much:3 one problem though e.e

I've made a couple of friends so far but I can't see them in my friendslist.. I figured they had deleted me or something but it always notifies me when they log in the game. o.o" Earlier when I was playing today the names showed up like magic on my friendslist, so i thought it was fixed \O/ but now ish gone again. Please tell me someone knows what i must do to fix this >,< I've tried re-logging, looking through the settings, changing everything back to default.. etc. (REAALLY don't want to have to re-download the game..)
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