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20 Dec 2009
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Dai the Paladin Part 7

GMs Appearance?
GMs Appearance?

"I wonder who does all the paperwork in the three major cities. Who actually leads them." wondered Dai. "Hai there young warrior." shouted a voice from far behind him. "I'm GMTenRing. I'm the leader of Kaslow. I see all and I know all. You are Dai are you not?" said GMTenRing. GMTenRing had a sword on his back his armor all shiny and warlike. "I've been expecting you. Listen, I need you to deliver this very important parcel to the other two cities. Don't shake it. The people you need to deliver it to will be waiting on the front door of the cities. When you're done report back to me." he said. Before Dai could object TenRing waved and walked back inside the city. A parcel appeared on the ground. Dai picked it up and started to walk towards Jale since it wasn't that far. After a couple of hours of fighting monsters and walking towards Jale, he was outside of Jale. Dai saw a man leaning on the door. "Hello, I'm GM8bit. Is this the parcel that TenRing sent me?" the man said. Dai nodded. GM8bit took the parcel and took something out of it. "Here you go. You need transportation to Ilya don't you?" GM8bit asked. Before Dai could say a word, he was in Ilya. "These GMs sure don't talk much." muttered Dai. A women was sitting at the fountain. "Are you here to deliver the parcel?" asked the women. "I'm GMMokona. I'll take the parcel thank you very much. Did GMTenRing send you to deliver this? Wow. He sent me lunch." she said. Dai shook his head and went to teleport to Kaslow. When suddenly Elmindred and her friends popped out from the teleporter. "You're dead now!" shouted Elmindred. She slammed her axe and Dai's scythe broke into pieces. "Hey, hey don't kill the messenger." said a familiar voice behind Dai. It was GMTenRing. He hopped down from the tree and snapped his fingers. Dai's scythe was immediately fixed. Dai picked it up in awe. "Kid, I want to see you fight your hardest." said GMTenRing. Dai dashed at Elmindred but Rido and OniGray slammed into Elmindred and took the attack. They fell and Elmindred's eyes turned red with hate. Chibisuke popped out from the sprite gem. "She looks mad Master. I think I'll sit this one out." said Chibisuke. Elmindred hit Dai right in the chest and Dai hit the floor with a loud boom. Mickeyx fell from the sky with her sword pointed directly at Dai's chest. Dai rolled away and stood up. "Payback time." said Mickeyx. She slashed at Dai multiple times and Dai fell to the floor. Elmindred was going to finish Dai off but GMMokona held her arm before she could swing her axe. "Your not going to kill anyone today." said GMMokona. GMMokona summoned a bunch of Jelly Rabbits that was hopping around. "Instead of killing Dai let's look at the Jelly Rabbits." laughed GMMokona. Mickeyx knocked GMMokona down and Elmindred continued her attack. Chains appeared around Mickeyx and Elmindred. "Hands off. No one and I repeat no one hurts my friend." said ArcanePegasus standing at the doorway. Dai stood and brushed dirt off his armor. GMTenRing and Mokona was nowhere to be seen. "The GMs left. You rarely see them now. Ever since Assassins Plus Academy started waging a war at the three major cities things have been tough." said ArcanePegasus. "You mean. We were fighting for the wrong side all along? I'm sorry. I had no idea. They told me that Assassins Plus Academy was to train us and make us stronger." said Elmindred. "We'll take our leave. We're sorry for attacking you Dai but we were ordered to." said OniGray. "It's alright. Besides there was no harm done." laughed Dai. Elmindred, OniGray, Mickeyx, and Rido turned and left.

Far away at Assassins Plus Academy. "They have failed. We will send the best person to do the job." said a women. "We will take down the three cities and annihilate the three GMs along with the cities. Then the world will be ours to take control. Finish off Dai immediately." said the leader. The meeting room was empty after that except for the boy under the table holding a earpiece. "This is big news. I must warn Dai and the GMs." he said.

End of Part 7

Thanks for reading.

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