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14 Nov 2011
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PostedNov 06, 2012 3:59 pm

Canyon of Greed: Patch Notes

New PVP Map!
Hello everyone!

With the launch of Canyon of Greed we have some patch notes to share with you all.

Patch notes:
Canyon of Greed
New level 80 PvP Dungeon!
Use the portals in Pantanassa / Theodores to get to Canyon of Greed.

Control the relics with your faction to gain access to the boss room and fight Opalus.
[Note: Opalus respawns on a timer]

The portal to the boss room is only open for the faction controlling 2 relics! Once a Faction has control over 2 relics in Canyon of Greed they can proceed with Fighting the Dungeon Boss Opalus.

Control over 2 of these Relics also allows the Faction controlling them to invade the opposite Factions Map ( Pantanassa / Theodores )

You can find new quests in the capitals of your faction and in the starting area of Canyon of Greed.

Some of these New quests provide New Armor as a reward but you must always watch out for the opposing faction as they will also be striving to obtain this gear as well!

Quest item drop rates:
Normal Monsters: Extremely Rare
Elite Monsters: Very Rare
Mid-Boss: Uncommon
Boss: 1 Quest item
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