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27 Nov 2009
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The Young Sage Part 1

Hi guys, I tend to do a lot of story and novel writing and I really love writing stuff abotu Grand Fantasia! So I'm doing freewriting, this is all spontaneously made up as I write it haha, it's pretty much about my character but yeah you'll get it as I go along.

The bearded sailor's smile turned impatient as he awaited my decision. This was incredibly hard, in fact I've never had to make such a hard decision in all my years. An irritated snarl escaped from his lips and I snapped to attention, I probably really should tell him my answer now. But I don't know what to chose! Oh Guardian of Saphael pelase help me pick: which city do I chose to go to?!! "Sorry to alert you...kid, but we ahven't got all day. Destiny's calling and all that," the sailor man said to me and I nodded and looked back to old Ludaumann for some sort of inspiration, although it failed.
"Just take me to the main city," I said meekly. The moment the words left my lips no time was wasted as I was whisked away aboard the ship and soon dropped off in a grassy land. Where was this place?
"Welcome to Blue Bay, kid, enjoy your time." And with that he was off. A moment of panic washed over me.
"Wait, you can't leave me here!" I called out to no avail. I slumped my shoulders as I sighed and looked down, then I remembered Minty. I called him out of his stone to which he warmly greeted me.
"How can I help you master?" he asked.
"Minty, I don't know what to do, is this the main city?"
"Silly master, the main city is this way. You can train here, let's go." With that the little green sprite was off towards a bunch of Jelly Rabbits. I trailed along after him, dragging my sword behind me. I should've stayed at home and never answered Babama, not entirely sure what an Acolyte is.

Several painstakingly long, tired hours later we arrived near Kaslow Port. I've become newly accustomed to me skills and now have a nice amount of money hanging from my belt. These robes sure are itchy though, and this hammer Minty made me is heavy! "Not long now," Minty reassured me "The main city is right through these plains. You go on and I'll go fetch more materials for you."
He does that a lot, fetches stuff for me, like branches and fur. At first I wondered why in the world I'd need them until I saw his quick little hands work them into my hammer, pretty amazing. As I was trailing along the path, staying out the way of the hungry wolves I spotted a young boy collecting feathers. As his eye met mine he gave me a wave and asked if I wanted to join him. "I'm trying to get to the main city," I said.
"Don't worry about that, you're level's a bit low, why don't you train with me?" he asked.
"More training?!" I dropped to the floor dramatically, if I continued weilding this hammer my arms were going to fall off!
"We can train faster if we do it together, 2 heads better than 1 and all that." He resumed what he was doing and I was stuck on what to do next so I just helped him. What did I get myself into? From dreaming of becoming the best Sprite Messenger to collecting feathers of strange orange birds for cash. Still, it's better than just doing nothing and I did feel a bit stronger too. I now cannot wait to become a better Sprite Messnger and really show Saphael the great Amillia!
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