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28 Sep 2009
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PostedAug 03, 2011 4:45 pm

Re: Invasion - i need tutorial for dummies

Tangell_PL wrote:
Hi, can anyone help me ?
i need basic step-by-step tutorial about Invasion system, is only requirement is to Lights takeover Cruor and Main ( renovatio ) relic ? or maybe all altars must be neutral, and then we can destroy renovatio and cruor to enable invasion ?
is there some requirement to kill any boss in Kanos, or we should don't kill bosses to open portal ?
Please tell me step by step what we should do to make things working and enable portal to darks map.  

Altars do not have to be neutral and you don't have to kill any bosses.

GMSkempo wrote:
Palaion Regnum is the Fury Map accessible to the Alliance of the Light if and only if they control the Cruor Relic and the Relic of Etain.  

As long as the AoL holds those two altars (whether take as neutral or taken from UoF possession) you can enter the UoF map.

The portal to Palaion Regnum (UoF map) is located in the KI town 'Carmo'.

Keep in mind that if the UoF gains control of either of those two altars you will not be able to enter their map.

Hope I cleared it up for you. Let me know if you are still confused!!



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05 Feb 2011
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PostedSep 05, 2011 8:45 pm
This entire post is based on how to invade the other factions map. Just look at the maps and see that the maps are unbalanced and totally biased. Myself and several other members of the light faction have attempted to raid the fury map only to run into immediate dead ends at guard posts, mountains or rivers.

The fury, on the other hand, can just stroll all over the light map and raid as desired. Not running into a single guard or non navigable obstruction until they reach an outpost. Hence, the fact that fury spends as much time on our maps killing young grinders as they do there own. We don't have this same option on their map.

Just look at the pics of the maps on page one of this post. Even they don't do full justice to this problem. Even still, it's sooo obvious.

It's totally unbalanced and needs a redesign badly. Especially since the new ROTCO dungeon has a quest that requires 200 pvp kills every time you want to enter it. No offense to the fury at all when i mention these things. Let's try to set the balance a little more evenly.

Just sayin


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24 Jul 2009
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PostedDec 04, 2011 7:39 am

Just sayin' not QQ'ing.. 66+

Got OJ ? Fine.. Top Guild? FIne ...
QS is like you need a Raid. The LVL 70 Weapon quest .. Did you Do the 60 level quest, in a Raid at Cryptic on (aol) map 2 ? All those are 64+ bosses, and the demons inside are AOE killers with bombs. So, since I have yet to get to CTI, I am 70 and can't access a quest for a 70 weapon. Which, I am told, is not really as good. As good as what, I have not found out. Got Oj's Fine. Quest gears will not get you HP unless you can Link Life 7's... Where is my Decoris? Where can I obtain gears to actually Fight 200 Fury in PR? You think I got gold for Ops to buy this stuff? The Cape alone costs $30 in AP!!! And, then there is this aspect... The Kanos area and invasion system is locked out now to others because top guild ... Has the grind, and the loot coming from their Bossing it... instead of bossing the previous places before EP 5. Individuals will not be able. Expect a long time trying to get to 70, and a longer time obtaining gears that will allow you to complete Rotco, and fight mobs with some sort of moxy. True, those that obtained rank in pvp got stats, and fair much better. I could re-stat, and re-skill for just HP and Def, but that's not enough. Already see that QS is beyond the stats that got me to 70. And in KI, it's much the same, don't touch without priest(s) . I saw the Decoris Helmet was a reward of some loot wheel buying back in August? About going through to PR, I did notice we have to go all the way around their map turn left, cross some water, hike through sealkels, and then watch out for mobs and grinders on Kobs. It did not seem to be an open run landscape. Fury got a circular flow for their taking of goats........


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29 Jan 2011
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PostedDec 05, 2011 1:10 am

messed maps in VR and PR

not a good map design...............
KI is good place to farm.........

any lvl 70 BD or 70 dps with priest can take relics easily in 1 min with almost no troubles....

major problems:

the spawn of Alliance on PR map take some 5 mins to get temp post......
good and still lots of time to town easily if unnoticed area chat........

spawn of Furies in VR is mere 2 mins to get to the temp easily in VR........

kind of messed and unfair DisAdvantage to light fraction...........

Make it fair for light side also..........

From past 5 month experience :

many r still trying to get lvl 60+ and not able to grind in VR / PR
due to other fraction camping the map and ppls not able to grind to lvlup till 70.......

may be it gives more money to aeria duo to buying of PED PID CRR EE etc but they r losing more players who r new to game and not able to compete in lvling in VR/PR duo to camping of other fraction during Invasion.......

====> Behavior of ppls in VR/PR (only 70 pvper)
pointing only the top comments they tell to grinder in VR/PR......

1.) be in town,don`t feed.(so true we only come to VR/PR to feed not to lvlup........)
2.)Imma busy atm in CS SC and discussion.......(busy showing gears and have serious discussion on lvl 7 rec or lvl 6 abs better ROFi......)

Attitude of ppls (50% of lvl 70 ppls are nice and help their friends, guilds):
"have a positive understanding u can even grind in DD1 and DD2 and can lvl up there even pando mobs will give u exp till lvl 60*have a understanding and positive attitude.....

This advice is same as lvl 70 can farm lvl 7/6 lapises and we telling them to farm lvl 2/3 lapises.......
they wont do because it useless waste of time and less or no money......
same case with grinder LVL 53+.......
no 1 wanna spend a month grinding to get 20-30% IN DD1 DD2.....

cant blame any lvl 70 to come and protect or do a favor anytime...
this game is same as our world where the strongest survives........but all need chances to do something.....
those ppls who attained high lvl 70 can do pvp easily......

Attitude of dark`s side :
(dark fraction always represent a bad side like a ~~~~~~~~ )
but its bad to see that they always keep camping lighitie fractions all time and not letting grinder grind to lvlup....

the main reason for imbalance pvp is simple........
most have not attained lvl 70 and still grinding........

ON Lailah :
the reason Dark side (the TGE and requnim) having fastest pvper is they keep camping VR all time killing all grinders.......

its the main reason for imbalance pvp.........
ppls not able to grind and hit lvl 70 and are killed in no time.........

if we provided grinding till even lvl 65 with no pvp map believe me all imbalance pvp 70 and lvl 60 will be balanced.....

we really need new maps to lvlup till lvl 60 or lvl 65.......

pvp imbalances is mainly due to ppls not able to hit 70
(its a major pvp zones in game.........)

some smart ppls (some lvl 70 ppls with good guild leaders.........)
help their guild mates (u can say it plvl) so that they can help the guild and to have more participation and more lvl 70 help in pvp.........

if all Alliance/Fury weak fraction help each other all will get benefit and they can really help each other.........
but its just a lame suggestion........

(hard to happens.......much to criticize with best possible excuses........)

always seen brain and intelligence wins..........
just some intelligence/initiative approach will make it possible



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30 Aug 2011
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PostedFeb 22, 2012 11:15 am
seeeeeeeeeeeeeee ta bueno... veremos que pasa


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30 Jun 2010
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PostedMar 18, 2012 9:13 pm

Re: messed maps in VR and PR

not a good map design...............
great_orion wrote:

If the Devs need suggestions, you should pull this guys quote right into thier face. What he said last year is exactly the same as this year, but worse. Doesn't bother me too much. I;m on a "shaiya break" for who knows how long now. During the lvling proccess for me, my friends, and my faction, I see this whole invasion system completely draining the life in the game every day. If you are not at 66+ 3/5ths of the faction then this willl be known as the worst map in the game. I come online threwout the day and night (even at 12am), and Furies with yellow pvp ranks stal the camps. Now I'm not gonna moan too much because you can read these sort of posts anywhere on general conversation forum page, but still, the system fails grinders.
Going to pr to get my own back against fury was worth it, until I aw the ghost town, that the map was/had become, idk. I always kinda believed pr had it easy. Haven't gone back since.

End of rant as always Neutral

-Retired PvPer and Ex-Noob.


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13 Jul 2012
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PostedNov 05, 2012 5:09 am

Invasion System Walkthrough

need to change :)
at the begin you said it for 66-70 or may be 60 Smile. but now with new episode we have lvl 80s that can kill lvl 60 in 1 shot. PR and VR must be baned from lvl 80s and 80s need new are i dont know they have it already or not. if we bring new episode we must also bring new rules and area. PR and VR are made for 70 pvper in last episode.
as lvl 60 are easy kill for lvl 80. uber lvl 80 will be in these map more than any other pvp maps pls stop lvl 80s entering these area thx Wink


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24 Dec 2010
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PostedSep 24, 2013 12:25 pm
No more invasions because no one on the maps anymore due to exp. in Infinite Sanctuary dungeon Rolling Eyes Community needs support in a way that would better promote the new players into learning their toons a bit better with different mob-types, etc. and the only way this could happen is to limit or remove completely the HUGE amounts of exp. people are leveling in the dungeon to make them consider other areas in various maps as better exp. rates...just saying, game shouldn't be mainly focused on 1 dungeon.

1. increase drop rates & world drop rates.
2. increase exp. on traditional maps for mobs to offer healthy alternatives to just dungeon
3. remove or limit exp. gained from completing each stage.

In this way perhaps more people would come out of their cave and explore the game and more of its content a bit more, creating more balance in overall gameplay.

p.s. this is not a QQ for lack of PvP kills btw as I prefer regular PvP with other players my level. Thank you.
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