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13 Aug 2012
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Found a bug? We don't like those!

Here is how to submit a proper Bug Report
Welcome to the Bug Report Guide!

Please note: While we make an effort to check these forums, we are not always able to do so on a daily basis. If you are experiencing a bug that you wish to make us aware of, it's better to send a ticket to us here.

Please see the guidelines posted below for proper bug reporting protocol.

.::Bug Reporting Guidelines::.

So you are playing the game and all of a sudden some NPC is speaking to you in gibberish, or your game crashes for no explained reason at the same spot, or any number of other things that should not happen but somehow does happen. You may have encountered a bug with the game. DO NOT throw your phone out the window, simply report it via Contact Us.

If you still believe you are experiencing a unique bug, then please Contact Us using the below format, then post it here for the rest of the community to be aware of the problem.

Remember you need to be as detailed as possible while staying on topic. I have included an example, from Eden Eternal. Need to know how to take a screenshot? Hold down the power button and the only other button on your iPhone/iTouch/iPad/etc.! You will see a flash on the screen if done correctly. Screenshots will be located in your Photos tab, and any photo can be emailed.

[Location of bug] - [Bug Summary]

Brief Summary of Bug

Steps to Reproduce: (make sure its short and simple)

Observed Result:
(write a brief description of what is happening)

Expected Result:
(write what should be expected so that this is not a bug)

Screen shot:
(add your [img] code here)

Example of a Bug Report

Aven - Incorrect Order for the Material Turn-Ins

Turn-ins for Nature Seeker Tanja in Aven of the different woods is out of order.
Steps to Reproduce:
1) Go to Aven.
2) Speak to Nature Seeker Tanja.
3) Observe the order of turn-ins.

Observed Result:
Tough Branch is above Dry Branch.

Expected Result:
Dry Branch is the lowest and should be up at top.


Please remember to follow our forum guidelines when posting. Thank you!
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