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Battle for Medius - 10/30/12 4:00 PM PST

Merged Server!

4:00 PM PST

D-Water (31-70 PvP) - Home!!

The Union of Fury and the Alliance of Light will meet in the battlefield today fighting over control of the Medius Relic. The faction to claim control over the Relic for the longest amount of time during the event will be declared the winners. Although gaining control of the other relics on this map will not count toward the event, gaining Bless for your faction during the event and resetting all of the relics will count as them being under control for that faction until the Blessing setting is reset.

When the event starts both factions will race from their fortresses to the Medius Relic. Don't expect it to be easy. As the favor shifts towards one side, monsters are likely to attack! Be on your guard defenders, as you will be assailed on all fronts! The longer you hold it, the harder the monsters get.

What to Bring:
Weapons, Armor, Party Summon Stones, Movement Runes, and Continuous Resurrection Runes or regular Resurrection Runes for UMs.

Time Limit:
60 minutes

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PostedOct 31, 2012 2:09 am
It is very obvious that over the last several months AoL seem to have an agreement with each other NOT to attend PvP events.
There was very little effort by lights to attend today.
PvP lights were in PR during the event.
The few hours before this event there was decent pvp, with good numbers of good lights.

Since 80 PvP hardly gets any events lately, it seems that the competitive players from light side would be thirsty for PvP. Someone from light side had to have seen that there was going to be an event (finally) today. No one was trying to rally the troops in light TC?

Yet again, disappointing effort from AoL. Your pact of no attendance with each other holds strong. Braaavvvvo! <golf clap>

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